Mindgrub: Zach & Haley SCUBA Adventure

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Mindgrub Technologies fuses creative and technical expertise in mobile apps, web development and social media. The agency serves both domestic and international clients, with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland and offices in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA and New York, NY.

We chatted with Mark Mirchandani, Web Technologies Director at Mindgrub, on developing with Corona SDK. Mindgrub’s latest Corona-built app is an educational game called Zach & Haley SCUBA Adventure, developed for Discovery Kids.

Please tell us about Mindgrub.

Mindgrub is a technology innovation agency that specializes in web, mobile, and social applications. We are visionaries and workhorses, dreamers and doers. Mindgrub excels at finding and implementing technology solutions for enterprises using technologies such as iPhone/iPad, Android and Drupal. Serving both domestic and international clients, Mindgrub is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.

How did you first hear about Corona SDK?

Mindgrub was working to create Zach & Haley SCUBA Adventure, a game that encompasses very rich design elements. Looking to try cross-platform publishing, we tried several other technologies but found that none of them were able to hold up to our performance standards. We researched alternatives when we discovered Corona was a powerful gaming engine that allowed for efficient iPhone and Android development, so we decided to give it a try and were pleased with the results.

What were the deciding factors in choosing Corona to develop SCUBA Adventure?

Cross-compilation was an important feature because we wanted the development efficiency of writing one codebase that worked on multiple platforms. Through other platforms, it seemed the price for publishing on multiple devices would be significant to performance, but Corona showed that it was possible to build powerful applications that performed almost on par with those developed natively. Our extensive native development for both iOS and Android allowed us to get a quick feel for Corona’s capabilities and tools like SpriteLoq allowed us to easily import rich design animations from Adobe Flash. Once we understood the entire set of capabilities we could leverage with Corona, and its ability to publish to multiple operating systems without sacrificing performance, we knew it would help us create impressive interactive applications.

Can you please give us more background information on the game?

SCUBA Adventure is an educational game for children ages between 4 – 8 years old. The goal is to collect gold coins and air while taking pictures of animals that are part of the underwater ecosystem. After navigating through each level, users need to successfully answer trivia questions on the animals they just photographed to win more gear and dive into deeper and more challenging levels.

Tell us about your overall experience developing games with Corona.

Games are much quicker to develop in Corona because of the framework tools that simplify basic functionality like physics. Tools such as SpriteLoq and ParticleCandy also allow for rapid development of very robust features and let us use technologies we’re already familiar with. In addition, Corona allows us to publish a game to Android and iPhone without having to rewrite the code, which can cut development time by half.

Would you recommend Corona to other agencies and game studios?

We would definitely recommend Corona as a development platform for games and interactive applications. It allows for rapid development of cross-platform games that can be much quicker than native code and has a lot of great tools. Being able to design rich animations in Adobe Flash and export to the Corona sprite system allows developers and designers to work together without needing to spend time learning new frameworks.

Great! What’s your next Corona-based project?

We have several exciting new games in our production pipeline, including more client applications along with our own Direct to Consumer applications. The games we’re building are exploring more of the power behind Corona and we’re excited to see what we’re able to come up with.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Mark!

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