Mobicle: Expanding to Global Markets with Corona Enterprise

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Mobicle selected Corona Enterprise to build its most recent app and continue its record of success as one of the top Korean game studios.

Read on to learn about the company, why they chose Corona and more about their most recent game, Venezia Story.

Please tell us about Mobicle, your development team, and the types of games you create.

Founded in 1994, Mobicle is one of the top three game developers in South Korea. With headquarters in Seoul – one of the most advanced mobile markets in the world – Mobicle has recruited some of the brightest minds in the industry today. We are also beginning to attract an ever-growing global audience as the company enters new markets with quality games and an excellent business reputation.

At the moment, we have about 200 employees and have developed various genres of games this year including full-network 3D FPS, a full-network 3D baseball game, SNGs, RPGs, TCG and more.

How did you first hear about Corona?

We have our own R&D team at Mobicle. One of the team’s roles is to research various platforms related to game development to find the best one for our needs. We assessed many platforms that were specialized for 2D games, and we chose Corona because it received the highest score in our assessment.

You are using our new Corona Enterprise product. Why did you decide to use Corona Enterprise?

The most important reason was to solve the IAP billing issues in the local App Store in Korea. Also, with Corona, we wanted to make something new and specialized for our game. Although there are other platforms for 2D game development on the market, few could give us results like Corona, based on the platform’s well-organized workflow system. As a game development company, it was very important for us to have a platform that could provide us with a unified environment and high productivity. Corona was able to give us all of this and more.

Please tell us about your experience with developing and publishing Venezia Story, your first Corona Enterprise-built game.

Venezia Story was not initially developed with Corona. After trying many other engines with poor results, we switched to Corona.
Some of the advantages of using Corona are the platform’s low technical entry barriers and high performance. Also, it’s very helpful that Corona allows us to check our development progress in real time.

What type of native libraries did you build into your game with Corona Enterprise?

We built the following native libraries into Venezia Story: billing for local app stores in Korea, push alarm, Android network, user information, security and more.

How long did it take your team to develop Venezia Story?

About seven months were invested in game design and development.

How is the game doing in the app markets?

On T-Store, the biggest Android market in Korea, Venezia Story has received over 200,000 downloads. We are expecting approximately two million downloads in Korea and ten million downloads globally when the game launches on all major app markets.

Would you recommend Corona to other game studios?

Yes, of course. We’ve already strongly recommended Corona to local partner companies for 2D game development. We are also planning to develop and distribute our own Windows-based Corona level editor since the Korean game development environment is mostly on Windows.

What projects are you currently working on?

We are working on two games with Corona at the moment, and plan to build an additional game soon. We are also interested in publishing quality games developed by other game developers.
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