NuOffer: Digitizing the Real Estate Industry

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NuOffer is a mobile app that brings negotiating and fulfilling real estate transactions into the 21st century. Built with Corona Enterprise, NuOffer connects buyers, sellers and agents to move faster, sell more, and make fewer mistakes in the process.

Please tell us about NuOffer.

NuOffer is a negotiation platform for real estate. My co-founder is a real estate agent, and I myself am a developer. The product was created to solve the agent partners personal problem – he didn’t have time to spend with the beautiful woman he had just married, because he was wasting so much time filling out paperwork. That’s when the idea for NuOffer was born.

The NuOffer tablet app plays a big role in your business. Tell us more about how the app works.

Using the NuOffer app, agents can draft and send an offer, including digital signatures in less than 3 minutes. This process currently takes at least 45 minutes and requires the agent to return to the office and import and export across five separate pieces of software to draft and send an offer. While existing solutions are office bound and slow, NuOffer is a fast, mobile solution for agents.

The app is part CRM, allowing an agent to track, contact and organize buyer and sellers, part property search tool (ala Zillow) and part a brand new product category allowing agents to actually draft an offer, collect digital signatures and submit organized document packages to agents on the other side of the transaction. The app tracks and stores the data that is entered on every document so agents can compare and contrast competing offers and search, sort the data within offers in new and granular ways, and generally visualize their business in a fashion never before possible. The tablet app is the center piece for all of this, not only creating data access in new and amazing ways, but also breaking agents out of the office so they can enjoy this access anywhere in the world.

What tools did you consider for development? Why did you decide to use Corona Enterprise to create NuOffer?

We looked at HTML5-based and JavaScript solutions, but the responsiveness was just not there. Agents in the field, with buyers and sellers starring over their shoulders, were not going to sit still for spinning “I’m accessing the internet, please wait” icons, slow animations and laggy touch elements and buttons.

We needed to create a natively coded mobile app because the speed of native code was essential for our project. Corona Enterprise allowed us to cross-compile natively to multiple platforms with minimal effort and to present agents with a seamless, lightning fast experience.

How has Corona Enterprise affected your development activities and processes?

It has made everything easier. The Corona development cycle is so fast, and the tool set so accessible and complete, that from one day to the next I often completely rewrote whole subsections. Corona Enterprise made possible a style of development I had never before experienced, a sort of ad hoc circling inwards toward solutions, because the time and opportunity costs were so small relative to the payoffs. And really, thinking back, there was no other way I could have developed the app that NuOffer has become today.

We completed the app in about 6 months working with Corona Enterprise, and then went on to raise a $500,000 seed round of funding.

There is a lot of potential for evolution in the real estate industry. What’s next for NuOffer?

We are implementing a number of patent pending security protocols that we hope to roll out in two months. We will also be releasing the ability to ingest listing data so agents can bring homes under contract to sell, and make the sometimes ridiculous amount of paperwork simpler not just for agents, but for sellers as well. By the end of the year, we will offer the app to agents in Colorado, Arizona, Florida and Hawaii in addition to our present exposure in Texas. Through 2014 we plan to make the app available in all 50 states.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Kevin!

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