Octopuzzle: An Epic Ocean Quest

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Please tell us about MAD Multimedia.

MAD Multimedia is a game company from the north of Holland. Founded in 1996, we focus on creating desktop and mobile games for clients as well as creating our own IP.

Our most notable clients include the Government of the Netherlands, the textbook publisher Noordhoff and the Belgian TV network Ketnet.

What’s been your experience working with Corona SDK?

So far, we’ve build two apps with Corona and even used the engine in a game jam. Suffice to say that during a 48-hour game jam, we chose Corona SDK because of the rapid development it allowed. After the weekend event, our team had created a puzzle game with an intro, tutorial missions, multiple levels and pretty much everything you would expect from a real, finished app.

The first app we built and published with Corona was a cross-platform game for the Dutch ANWB, a company that provides emergency road services. The client was happy with our work and we fell in love with Corona right then. Corona was, and continues to be, easy to work with and easy to use to compile apps for both iOS and Android.

For your latest game, Octopuzzle, you upgraded to Corona Enterprise. Can you please share your experience building the game and using the Corona engine?

We wanted to try our hand at building an in-house game – that is when Octopuzzle was “reborn.” The original Octopuzzle is a game from 2003 for old touchscreen PDAs. We thought it would be fun to remake the game for modern devices and we are really happy with the end result.

While we love creating games, sadly, we don’t have the time or money to promote our own in-house titles such as Octopuzzle. That’s why we were thrilled when a major Chinese publishing company, Letang Inc., approached us to take over Octopuzzle’s promotion for a share of the profits. The company had their own ad SDK that wasn’t supported by Corona SDK Pro so we took advantage of the native extension offerings of Corona Enterprise.

We’ve enjoyed a smooth development process and are working to port the game to OUYA by the end of October 2013.

Do you recommend Corona to game studios that work in mobile development?

Yes, absolutely! Corona is very easy to work with and incredibly useful for rapid cross-platform development. We’re just getting started with the engine and hope to publish more great games with Corona Enterprise in the near future.

What Corona-powered projects do you have in the works?

We are currently using Corona Enterprise on a secret multiplayer puzzle game code-named ‘Flap.’ Stay tuned!
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