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Atlanta, Georgia

Doug Tobin
Director of Interactive Projects

Primal Screen is a full service, one stop design studio with clients including Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Sesame Workshop. Hired by Hit Entertainment, the licensee of the Thomas & Friends brand, Primal Screen developed Thomas & Friends Mix-Up Match-Up in just 9 months with Corona SDK.

Please provide a bit of background on your agency, Primal Screen.

Primal Screen was founded in 1995. We are a design studio that focuses on entertainment and marketing media, for broadcast, film, web, mobile, and digital signage. Primal Screen clients include broadcast networks, agencies, and trusted brands. Our staff of 25 full time employees includes animators (traditional and 3D), motion graphics and editors, musicians and sound engineers, designers and developers.

What are some of the clients your team works with?

Our clients include Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Sesame Workshop, PBS, Turner, as well as other agencies.

Why did you choose to build Thomas & Friends: Mix-Up Match-Up with Corona SDK?

We evaluated several development frameworks. After prototyping in Corona, we decided it had the right mix of flexibility and capabilities for the project. We needed a tool that would let us faithfully represent the look and feel of the Thomas & Friends world. Using Corona we were able to match the finished product exactly to the design.

What is the composition of the Thomas & Friends development team?

It was a fairly lean team. We had one main developer for the bulk of the project, with our technical director overseeing the development. Visual design and user interface was handled by a graphic designer working with the creative director. Many of our staff have children in the target ages of 2 – 5, so we did a bit of organic user experience tests, and many people in the studio provided creative input and feedback along the way.

How long did the project take?

The project duration was 9 months, from concept to shipping product.

Have you developed other apps with Corona SDK? Do you have other Corona-based projects in the works?

We have another app developed in Corona that is due to launch shortly. It is an educational game that is a component of an educational media grant for one of our clients. One of the main reasons we choose the platform was because our client required that the app launch simultaneously on the App Store and Google Play. We were able to fulfill this request easily using Corona.

Our team is very excited for the upcoming launch, and we’ll share more details once the game is public.

Do you recommend Corona SDK to other agencies?

Yes. We already recommend Corona SDK to our clients and other agencies. Corona allows developers to be productive in a short time and we found the active community of developers very helpful.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Doug!

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Thomas & Friends: Mix-Up Match-Up

Thomas and Friends

All aboard for an exciting new game from Thomas & Friends! Kids will love playing with Thomas, Percy, Edward and more of their favorite engine friends in this fun and creative game. As players advance, they develop important early-learning skills like comparing and contrasting, quick thinking and hand eye coordination.