Mobile Apps for Early Childhood Education

Panda Math
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To take advantage of a growing market for early childhood education apps, mobile development firm redbytes software, founded tinytapps in 2011. Corona SDK is the backbone of the tinytapps brand, which creates educational software for young children.

To date, tinytapps has produced over 45 Corona-power apps that have enjoyed more than 500,000 downloads from Apple’s App Store.

Please provide a background of redbytes software and the tinytapps brand.

Redbytes software is a Pune, India based mobile app development company. Under the tinytapps brand, we create educational apps for toddlers and young children. As a company, we have about 20 full-time professionals that work to develop educational apps and provide mobile solutions to clients.

What is the focus of redbytes software and tinytapps?

For redbytes, we aim to create high quality mobile solutions for our clients, developing both games and business apps within a reasonable budget. We are also committed to getting clients’ apps to market as quickly as possible, while meeting their requirements. For tinytapps specifically, we aim to making education fun by creating engaging apps and games.

What inspired you to venture into educational app development?

Seeing our own kids grow up with mobile devices, we were inspired to build apps that could teach them important lessons, while keeping them entertained. Kids have an amazing ability to learn quickly in the early years, and we see a lot of potential to create content that facilitates the learning process.

At this time, most early toddler education is not tied to a particular curriculum. This opens the gate to innovation, for an international audience. We’re pleased to be able to create affordable software to reach the masses, and help children learn around the world.

How did you integrate Corona SDK into your app development business?

We discovered Corona SDK in early 2011. We fell in love with the ease of use and added productivity that Corona brought to the table. As we found out more about Corona’s relatively low learning curve, we made it our platform of choice. We changed the direction of our company towards building educational content, and haven’t looked back since.

On average, how long does it take your team to build an app with Corona SDK?

On average, it takes us anywhere from 1 – 3 months to develop an app; this is based on the amount of content and the complexity of the content. All content is produced in-house, and we outsource only to international voiceover artists. Our latest app, Panda Math, took more than 3 months to complete, but through this app’s development, we created a framework that allows us to extend the app to update and add content on a regular basis.

How many apps have you published with Corona SDK?

Corona SDK is the backbone of our educational app business. With the help of our educational consultant, Sajeda Jamal, we have built over 45 Corona-powered apps that include a unique curriculum. Our apps range in topics, from learning ABC, identifying insects, flowers and patterns and more. We hope to create a one-stop shop for toddler-relevant educational content.

How successful have your apps been in the app markets?

The app markets have taught us a few hard lessons. Similar to the experience of most developers, we found that app discovery remains one of the biggest challenges.

Recently, we surpassed 500,000 combined downloads for our apps. We have not spent any additional money on marketing, but still managed to clock a decent income from our apps month after month. Right now, 20% of our apps account for 80% of the revenue we generate.

What was your overall experience using Corona SDK for app development?

Our experience with Corona SDK has been terrific. We enjoy coding with the platform, and are starting to evangelize Corona SDK in India. Now that Corona Labs offers the free Starter edition, it’s become easier to speed up the adoption among engineers and Computer Science students in India. A lot of technology taught in colleges in India is somewhat outdated, and we’re happy to share the power of Corona SDK, a tool that empowers anyone with focus and creativity to create something sensational.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Altaf!

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