Robert Nay: 14-Year Old Powerhouse

Bubble Ball
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Robert Nay is one of the original indie success stories on Corona SDK! His first game, Bubble Ball, came out of nowhere in late 2010 to reach the top spot in the iTunes App Store, unseating apps like Angry Birds in the process. Robert, only 14 years old at the time, quickly found himself a full-blown celebrity, with appearances on Good Morning America, BBC and many others.

We’re excited to feature Robert here and are looking forward to his next creations. Perhaps he’ll have a bit more time to get back to games once he graduates high school.

What is the background of your studio?

Nay Games LLC was founded in late 2011, when I decided I wanted to try my hand at making an iPhone game. Nay Games is located in Spanish Fork, Utah and consists of my parents and I.

What types of apps/games do you focus on?

I focused on making physics games – I played around with a bunch of ideas, and finally my first game with Corona SDK I felt was good enough to release. (using Corona definitely had a big part in it being good enough I think)

When and how did you hear about Corona?

I heard about Corona on the forums of a competing product that I was using at the time. I decided to try it out, and was impressed with the coding language, physics, and overall ease of use.

How did Corona influence what you built?

It improved my workflow by allowing me to quickly develop ideas, and test them on devices easily. As for business operations, Corona created them. I probably wouldn’t have released a game had I not found Corona. So far, Nay Games has released Bubble Ball, and a version with additional levels, Bubble Ball Pro. Together across iOS and Android, they have received over 11 million downloads.

Would you recommend Corona to others?

I would definitely recommend Corona if they’re looking for an easy way to rapidly develop cross-platform games and don’t want to mess with Objective-C or Java.

Thanks Robert!

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