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The Sophie app is a powerful tool for business and pharmaceutical professionals. The app is intuitive and easy to use, allowing professionals to navigate, browse and access information effortlessly.

Please share some information on your development background.

I have personally been making games since 1998, originally working on a major PlayStation racing franchise and then programming special effects for FIFA World Cup 2002. In 2003 I co-founded my first studio specializing in mobile games where we created our own games such as Super Yum Yum, and developed games for the likes of Sega, Sony and Namco.

Plant Pot is my latest venture. Plant Pot is a small company where we develop original IP and select ‘work for hire’ projects. We try to focus on new and original concepts and there is no “typical” Plant Pot app, as they really are all quite diverse.

What is your experience developing apps with Corona SDK?

We’ve been working with Corona SDK as our primary development tool since late 2011. In particular we’ve developed several apps for a charity called Apps for Good, an organization that teaches entrepreneurship, design and development skills to young people in schools across the UK. Our last game, Finger Hoola, was also built with Corona and we have three more games currently in development.

Why did you choose Corona SDK to develop a business app?

While Corona SDK as a solid game development tool, it’s also very well-suited for creating business apps. The level of performance you get from a game engine like Corona, coupled with the flexibility to make your app look however you want, makes it ideal for business. Sure we can use Corona’s table views, scroll views and widgets to rapidly make a generic looking UI, but with Corona’s full power, we were able to be ultra creative, making dynamic and delightful user interfaces.

As a creative studio, how did Corona SDK help in your development process?

We really want to focus on making beautiful apps and games. Using Corona, we can focus on being creative – making an end product that we know will run efficiently and reliably on a range of Android and iOS devices.

We find that most clients now expect both Android and iOS to be developed in parallel. This is only cost effective with a cross-platform tool like Corona SDK.

Your latest app, Sophie, is a sophisticated tool for pharmaceutical and biotech professionals. Can you provide more information on the app?

The Sophie Pharma & Biotech App is a personal business and technology intelligence tool to help professionals stay on top of what is relevant to them, freeing them from the daily bombardment of irrelevant information.

Sophie allows the user to create “insights” or visual knowledge maps of the specific information they are interested in. The “insights” not only provide an instant picture of what is happening, but also allow the user to navigate, browse and access the information.

How long did it take to get Sophie to market?

It took about 12 months to get Sophie from concept to beta release and another six months to go live.

Would you recommend Corona SDK for business app development? If yes, why?

If you’re working on a 2D iOS and/or Android project, you can’t go wrong with Corona SDK. In our experience, Corona is an excellent and mature SDK; it’s well-supported and boasts a helpful and active community.
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