Tapps: A Portfolio of Star Corona-Built Apps

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Tapps has built an impressive portfolio of beautiful Corona-based apps. Based in Brasil, they had 2.2 million downloads in the first half of 2012 and were quickly building on that total!

Read more about how they build apps and why they recommend Corona SDK.

Please tell us about your studio, development team, and the genre of apps you create.

Tapps was founded in June 2010 to develop enterprise software for the iOS platform. At the time, we were mainly engaged in the development of games for iOS and Android with successful games including Numberlink, Nautilus, Jack Pott, RopeBot and a series of Tappy’s (our mascot’s) games. With a small team of eight, we’ve managed to reach top positions on App Stores in dozens of countries. Our apps have already achieved over 2.2 million downloads in 2012 alone!

That’s an impressive number of downloads. What is your team’s background in development?

Our team previously developed in Objective-C, Java and other scripting languages. Our experience with scripting languages made it very easy to start developing with Corona.

You’ve used Corona to develop a large majority of your apps. How did you first hear about Corona and why did you decide to use the platform?

When we decided to move from enterprise to games, we realized that the iOS
native language was not very efficient for game development. Additionally, we realized we’d lose the opportunity to be present on Android without time-consuming and money-wasting porting. After a little research on top-notch games on the App Store, we heard about Corona SDK and decided to give it try. It’s been about seven months since our first Corona project was completed, and we couldn’t be happier with the productivity boost we’ve experienced with the platform.

On average, how long does it take your team to develop a game with Corona?

We currently have two teams working in parallel on each game. With an artist and developer on each team, we generally develop a game from the ground up in two weeks, which amounts to four app releases each month.

We understand you’ve chosen inneractive, a Corona partner and ad exchange network, to monetize your games. Can you please share your experience working with inneractive?

inneractive has been one of our greatest partners when it comes to our monetization strategy. Along with in-app purchases, our advertising revenue is important to keep our company running. After trying several ad networks, we noticed that inneractive worked great for our Corona projects and the implementation was a breeze. Inneractive also offers one of the best eCPM and CTR values and fill rate is great – it’s rarely under 90%.

It sounds like Tapps has developed an extensive portfolio of mobile apps. How successful are your games in the App Store?

Our apps are currently doing very well on the App Store and on Google Play and are constantly generating revenue from ads and in-app purchases. In 2012 alone, we’ve already had over 2.2 million downloads.

Which of your games has been most successful in terms of downloads?

Our most successful app is NumberLink with 815,000 downloads to date on iOS and Android.

Would you recommend Corona to other game studios?

We definitely recommend Corona to every developer or game studio looking for a straightforward platform to get things going really fast. It has proven to be the right choice for Tapps and is at the heart of every app we launch today.

That’s great to hear! What’s your next Corona-based project?

We’re currently working on a Tetris-like puzzle and a fugitive spotting game. In addition to these, we have two more apps being planned by our game designer.

Thank you!

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