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Looking for Developers or Jobs?

As the Corona ecosystem has grown, we find ourselves fielding more and more questions about Corona developers and jobs. In response, we have some initiatives in place to help you out.

Corona Certified Developer (CCD) program

We have been working on our Corona Certified Developer program and are close to rolling it out. If you are interested in participating, or want more info, please email us at and we will contact you when we have more info.

oDesk Partnership

We’ve partnered with oDesk to create a Corona Group that will make it easier for Corona developers to make themselves available and find mobile development jobs.

If you are a Corona developer, we encourage you to join the group. If you are looking for Corona developers, this group should be a great place to start.

You can also quickly browse through developers/jobs in the two widgets on the right sidebar.

Developer Referral Program

We have also set up a Corona developer referral program. Initially we are restricting this to Corona Ambassadors – as requests for developers come in, we are letting different Ambassadors know about them, depending on their experience and location. But we are looking for ways to open this up further in the future.

If you are developing an app and are looking for specific types of experience, feel free to send us an email to We will do our best to find developers for you to work with.

Marketplace Forums

Finally, we have some forums set up for people looking for certain types of collaborations. Feel free to post what/who you are looking for here.