Corona is a cross-platform framework that empowers developers to create 2D games and apps for mobile, TV, and desktop. It’s designed to enable super-fast development – up to 10x faster than other platforms. Adding sophisticated features is easy using our elegant Lua-based APIs. A streamlined workflow lets you see your changes instantly. And you can publish to all major platforms from a single code base.

100% Free

Corona SDK is completely free. That means you can take your ideas from concept to app store glory without any upfront costs. You have the freedom to create great apps, right from the start.

Easy To Learn

Lua and Corona are easy to learn! Build your first app quickly using our guides, tutorials, and examples. If you can match your socks in the morning, you can make apps using Corona.

Publish to Major Platforms

Build games and apps for all major platforms from one codebase, including iOS, Android, Kindle, Apple TV, Android TV, macOS desktop, and Windows desktop. No separate projects or rewrites needed.

Windows & macOS support

Corona’s real time, interactive simulator runs on both macOS and Windows so you can develop apps using your favorite tools.

Build apps for Apple TV & Android TV

Target next-generation devices using Corona. Publish your apps on Apple TV and Android TV and reach a much broader audience.

Real-Time Testing

Write code, save changes, and instantly see results. Corona offers rapid prototyping and development to save you hours of valuable time.


Join 300,000+ developers worldwide using Corona to create hit mobile apps.