The ideal tool for teaching mobile development

Corona is a powerful, yet easy-to-learn platform that provides educators and institutions with a fantastic opportunity to prepare students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

The institutions you see on this page — from large universities to small school districts, in the United States and around the world — are just some of the many that have chosen Corona for teaching mobile app development.

Real programming

Students learn to write real code with Corona. Drag and drop tools are no substitute for actual programming, and our platform provides those eager to learn with an opportunity to develop anything they can imagine.

With Corona, students learn Lua, an industry-standard scripting language that is simple to pick up yet very powerful.

Corona code

Lightning-fast development

Corona is unmatched in ease of use, setup time and speed of development – with Corona, you build 10x faster. Students can develop real, cross-platform apps in a matter of days, compared to weeks with other platforms.

For educators, this means less time learning the platform, more time with students and a more productive learning experience.

Development speed

Serious, but fun

Apps or games? With Corona you don’t have to choose. Do you want your students to build a “real” app? No problem – Corona is great for developing utilities or business apps. But they may also want to build fun mobile games.

Corona is the only platform that allows you to build apps and games in the same course, with the same skills.

Leverage our resources

We have many valuable resources and a very active developer community always willing to help in the forums. There are several Corona textbooks and we’ve worked with experienced educators to develop a curriculum for mobile development.

Want to see how other schools have used Corona? Read our case studies on Robert Morris University, the University of Bedfordshire and Brigham Young University.


Getting Corona: easy and affordable

Whether you are an educator or student looking for a single license, or you’re in need of a full Academic Site License, please get in touch.

We’ll work with you, administrators and/or the IT department to get you the necessary licensing options quickly and easily.

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