Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Corona SDK really free?

Yes. The core Corona SDK is completely free for you to use. There are no restrictions on what stores you can build for. Additionally, we offer a plugin store that allows you to extend the core Corona SDK. You’ll find that most plugins are free, but we also offer some for purchase. For instance, Corona SDK includes a default splash screen that can be removed via a plugin that can be purchased on the Corona Marketplace. Note: Apple, Google and Amazon have their own developer programs that you have to join to be able to deploy apps with them. Those services may have fees associated with them that you will be responsible for.

How do I modify or remove the Corona Labs splash screen from my Apps?

Corona SDK includes a default splash screen that can be removed with the purchase of a plugin on the Corona Marketplace. Once activated, the splash screen will not be included in your apps. Corona Enterprise subscribers will NOT have to pay in addition to their license fees.

How do I get access to Corona SDK?

You can download Corona SDK here. Once you download, you can immediately start building an app or game. We do not provide disks or any other physical media.

What platforms can I build apps for?

Corona SDK currently supports building apps for the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • tvOS
  • Android (including Android TV)
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows Desktop

In addition, using CoronaCards for Windows Phone 8, you can also use Microsoft VisualStudio to build Corona SDK apps for Windows Phone 8.

How does Corona Enterprise work?

To build an app in Corona Enterprise you use Xcode (for iOS) or the Android SDK and compile the following elements:

  • Corona engine libraries
  • Lua project files
  • Native libraries
  • Lua bindings for your native libraries

Why does Corona require an Internet connection to build?

The Corona Simulator requires an Internet connection to build because part of the build process happens on Corona Labs servers. The Lua script is precompiled into bytecode (stripping out comments, debug information, etc) before it gets sent to our server. The server embeds this data into the Corona engine, but never saves or archives it. By the end of the online build process, you will have an .app bundle or .apk file just as you would get if you had used the iOS or Android SDK yourself.

If I need offline builds, what are my options?

Corona Enterprise allows you to create offline builds.

Who do I call if I have a problem?

If you think you have found a bug, please submit it here.

If you have questions about Corona or coding in Corona, please post to our forum.

Does Corona Labs publish my apps?

No. You build your apps with Corona, but you will take your app’s files and publish them directly on the app store providers’ sites using their developer programs. However, we do offer publishing partners and relationships. Please reach out to for more information on this program.

Can I get a refund for my Corona Enterprise or CoronaCards license?

We can only refund licenses within 5 business days of a purchase. If for some reason you decide you want a refund, make sure to let us know within that time frame. We will charge a 10% refund fee to cover payment processing fees.

Does Corona Labs offer training?

Yes. We offer basic one-on-one training for developers looking to get up and running with Corona. For more information, please see our Support and Training page.

Corona doesn’t yet support a feature I need. What are my options?

We are working hard to add new features to Corona every week. If we do not yet support a feature you need, Corona Enterprise allows you to call native libraries from within Corona projects. You can vote for existing feature requests or enter new feature requests at our feedback site.

Are Daily Builds stable?

Daily Builds incorporate the latest features or fixes added to Corona SDK. Because of this, it is possible that some instability could be introduced on any given Daily Build. However, our community is very good about finding new issues and pointing them out quickly. Any major issues introduced in a Daily Build will probably be fixed very quickly in a subsequent Daily Build.

Where can I find Daily Builds?

You can download Daily Builds here:

On how many machines/computers can use a Corona Enterprise license?

Corona Enterprise may be used by one developer on multiple machines. However, each subscription is only meant for one (1) developer. Sharing seats between multiple developers is not allowed.

Can I transfer my license to a third party?

No. Licensees are not allowed to sell or transfer their license to parties outside their own company/organization.

Are Corona Enterprise and CoronaCards also free?

Corona Enterprise, CoronaCards iOS and CoronaCards Android are paid, licensed products.

Corona Enterprise allows Corona developers to call any native library from their Corona projects. CoronaCards lets developers embed Corona functionality into any native app.

What is the difference between the “free” version of Corona SDK and Enterprise?

With Corona SDK, you write your code in Lua in the text editor of your choice and use the Corona Simulator to test and build your app and deploy to the stores all within the one app. However you can only use Lua, the Corona SDK API’s and plugins to build your app. You must also have an Internet connection.

Corona Enterprise allows you to put your Lua code and assets inside an Xcode or Android Studio project and use those tools to build your app. You can still access Corona SDK APIs and our plugins, but you also have access to build in features that Corona SDK does not support using Objective-C and Swift for Apple platforms, Java for Android platforms and C/C++ for either. Link in the libraries that you need access to. You can also build from the command line and you don’t need Internet access all the time.

What platforms does Corona run on?

The Corona Simulator is available for Mac OS X or Windows. Please note that, because of Apple restrictions, you cannot build apps for iOS or OS X using the Windows version of the Corona Simulator. However, you can use the same code written on a Windows machine and build on a Mac if you want to target iOS and OS X.

Corona Enterprise and CoronaCards are currently only available for OS X.

What is Corona Enterprise?

Corona Enterprise is built on the same core Corona engine and allows developers to call native libraries (Objective-C on iOS, Java on Android) and APIs from their Corona projects.

How much does Corona Enterprise cost?

Please see our pricing page for more information.

Does Corona Labs see my source code when I do a build? How secure is my project when it’s sent to your server?

No – during the online build process, our servers never see your raw source code — or for that matter any of your project images, sounds, or other assets. The Lua script is precompiled into bytecodes (stripping out comments, debug information, etc) before it gets sent to our server. The server embeds this data into the Corona engine, but never saves or archives it. By the end of the online build process, you will have an .app bundle or .apk file just as you would get if you had used the iOS or Android SDK yourself.

How do I file a bug?

Please file bugs using our bug submission form. Please note that, in order to facilitate us isolating and verifying a bug, we request you submit a simple test case demonstrating the bug. We cannot evaluate test cases that include code from third party products.

Your bug report must contain a complete, buildable project. This means it needs a config.lua, build.settings and main.lua file in addition to any assets needed to build. Put this in a .zip file and use the form to submit the issue.

Do you have educational discounts?

Yes. We have discounts for students and educators buying 1-2 licenses. We also have Academic Site Licenses for institutions looking to buy more licenses. You can read more about our educational options here.

Does Corona Labs take any revenue share of my apps?

We do not generally take a rev-share for any apps built with the free version of Corona SDK. You own your apps completely and any publishing arrangements are solely made between you and the different app stores. There are however, a limited number of advertising plugins that we do require a revenue share for, and we may charge a proportional revenue share to developers with an enterprise license when their revenue exceeds $500,000/Year.

Does Corona Labs offer support?

Corona developers can get community support through our forum. The Corona community is very helpful and frequently answers questions as they come in. In addition, Corona Labs keeps a presence on the forums and answers questions on a best-efforts basis.

Corona Labs also offers paid support. We offer Premium Support for customers that require any of the following services:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Code Examples
  • App Debugging
  • Code Review

For pricing and more information go to our Support page.

How can I find a Corona developer?

We suggest posting on our forum. The Marketplace section is especially useful for this.

If I use Corona, do I need to pay for the Apple or Google developer programs?

Yes. When you submit and publish your apps to the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or any of the other stores you will need to join and pay for their respective developer programs.

Should I build my app using Daily Builds?

Many of our developers use daily builds for their day to day development. Since it is possible for Daily Builds to contain bugs, developers just need to be aware of this possibility and be ready to refer to the forums or other resources as necessary. We believe it is usually safe to develop against Daily Builds.

How many developers can use one Corona license?

A Corona license can only be used by one (1) developer. Additional developers will require their own license.

Does Corona Labs take royalties on games or charge per title?

No. Corona SDK is free to use. Corona Enterprise licenses are sold on a developer/seat basis. Developers are free to build as many apps as they wish Corona SDK, and we do not take any royalties or revenue share on apps using the free version.

Can I build iOS apps on a Windows machine?

Unfortunately no. Due to Apple restrictions you can only build an iOS or OS X app on a Mac. However, any code you develop with Corona on a Windows machine can be taken to a Mac and used to build your app. If you are unable to buy a Mac, we recommend using a service like MacinCloud ( to build your iOS apps.