Corona SDK – Pricing FAQs

Corona SDK editions and features
Subscribers and price change

Corona SDK editions and features

What are the differences between the versions of Corona SDK/Enterprise?

Corona Pricing Chart

Is Corona SDK Starter really free?

Yes, it is free as in beer. With Corona SDK Starter, you can sign up, download Corona, build an app/game and publish it (for iOS, Android, Kindle and Nook) without paying us anything. There are some feature restrictions (see chart above), but you can build almost any type of app for free.

What platforms can I publish to?

All versions of Corona publish to iOS, Android, Kindle and Nook. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 are coming soon.

Can I have ads in my apps made with Corona SDK Starter?

Yes. We provide several plugins for ad monetization options that are available to Starter developers. See our Plugin Directory for more information.

Can I have my own splash screen?

Yes. You can have your own splash screen with all versions of Corona, including Starter.

What does Corona SDK Basic add to Corona SDK Starter?

Corona SDK Basic adds access to in-app purchases. This includes Apple and Google in-app purchases, as well as the Amazon IAP, Fortumo and Ouya plugins.

What are “Premium Graphics” (a.k.a. Graphics 2.0)?

This refers to our new Graphics 2.0 engine, a state-of-the-art cinematic graphics engine that is based on OpenGL 2.0 and shaders. As of November 14, 2013, all builds of Corona SDK and Corona Enterprise include the new graphics engine. Some of its features are only available to Pro and Enterprise subscribers.

Features available to ALL Corona users (Starter, Basic, Pro, Enterprise) are:

  • Basic shapes, lines, text
  • Basic fill and strokes
  • Anchor points
  • Custom polygons
  • Groups and containers

Features available ONLY to Pro and Enterprise subscribers are:

  • Texture mapping in all shapes
  • Texture-mapped strokes and lines
  • Texture transform properties (position, rotation, scale)
  • Multitexturing with composite paints
  • Snapshots (Render to texture)
  • Shader effects (filters, generators, and composites)
  • Multi-pass shaders graphs
  • Normal mapping
  • Quadrilateral perspective distortion for 2.5D/3D effects
  • Canvas-style painting
  • Porter-Duff blending
  • Custom blend modes
  • Blend equation control: add, substract, and reverseSubtract

There are many tutorials on the functionality in Graphics 2.0 in Corona University.

What are Daily Builds?

Daily Builds give our developers access to the very latest features and bug fixes. Almost every day, our engineering puts out a new daily build of Corona SDK/Enterprise.

Corona SDK Starter and Corona SDK Basic only have access to public release builds, which roll up the latest features/fixes every couple of months.

What are Native APIs?

Corona Enterprise allows developers to call any native library from within their Corona projects. Read more about Corona Enterprise and see our documentation.

What are Offline Builds and Headless Builds?

Corona Enterprise builds take place completely offline and can therefore be easily automated.

What is a Customized Build Server?

Corona Enterprise allows customers to build against a customized version of Corona from the simulator. This is useful for development teams that have a mix of native and Lua developers.

What is a Technical Kickoff?

It consists of a 1 hour session with one of our engineers to answer questions and make sure our customer has set up everything correctly.

What forms of support are available for each Corona subscription type?

We offer Premium Support for all versions of Corona, except Starter. In addition, for the higher tier of Corona Enterprise we offer basic email support at no extra charge – this consists of answers to questions about Corona and how to get a project up and running, but does not include project/code review.

What do the Revenue Limits mean?

This is the maximum annual revenue (in their last fiscal year) a company or legal entity may have in order to use that version of Corona SDK/Enterprise. For example, a company with more than $100k in annual revenue the previous fiscal year cannot use Corona SDK Starter to publish apps but can do so with Corona SDK Pro or Corona Enterprise.

Can I upgrade from one tier (e.g., Basic) to another tier (e.g., Pro)?

Yes, you can upgrade from one tier to another at any time. When you decide to upgrade, we will take into account any value left at that moment in your existing subscription and apply it towards a new year of the new tier. To upgrade, or for questions, email us at

Subscribers and price change

What happened to current subscribers when the price change was announced (April 3, 2013)?

All Indie subscribers were automatically upgraded to Pro for free (and the Indie subscription ceased to exist). In addition, subscribers that were already at the Pro level had 2 months added on to their subscriptions.

What was the pricing promotion for subscribers?

All current subscribers at the end of day on April 30, 2013 will be able to renew up to two more times at the old Corona SDK Pro price of $349/developer/year as long as they do not let their subscription expire.

I was a subscriber on April 30, 2013 and want to renew at $349. What should I do?

If you were a current subscriber on April 30, 2013, you will be able to renew twice more at the old price of $349/developer/year. But you have to make sure your subscription does not expire along the way.

To renew, please send us an email to and include the email address for the Corona account you are renewing. We will quickly check that you are eligible and then send you a coupon code you can use at checkout.

Why did you change the price?

Please refer to the blog post where we announced Corona SDK Starter and these changes.