Thank you for reporting potential issues/bugs you find when using Corona SDK. We want to address and fix all issues, so it’s very important that you follow the guidelines below.

First and foremost, to validate your report, we require a basic sample project which demonstrates the issue, adhering to these guidelines:

  1. Please do not submit your complete project — Corona Labs will not debug your entire project.
  2. Ensure that the project clearly exhibits the issue you are reporting.
  3. The project should not include any 3rd-party libraries.
  4. The project should consist of minimal code which clearly shows the problem.
  5. Use accurately named variables. For instance, if your test case has a variable to display a tree on the screen, don’t use t=, but rather use tree=.
  6. Include the build.settings file and config.lua file, since these are a common cause of issues.
  7. Include any related assets (images, audio, etc.) which are necessary to illustrate the problem.
  8. If your issue doesn’t relate to Composer, please do not use it in the projects — it increases complexity and will slow down the testing process.
  9. Compress the project as a .zip file. Please do not use .rar, .bz2, or other formats.

After submitting the bug, you should receive an email from the automated bug tracking system containing a case number. If you also mentioned the bug in the forums, please respond within the thread and include the case number, so Corona Labs and other developers can see that a bug case was filed.

Following these guidelines will help us validate the issue more quickly. Thank you!