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Physical Books and eBooks

Create 2D Mobile Games with Corona SDK: For iOS and Android

The market requires speed; new developers need to operate quickly and efficiently. Create 2D Mobile Games with Corona SDK gives you the tools needed to master Corona – even within the framework of professional constraints. A must-read guide, this book gives you fast, accurate tips to learn the programming language necessary to create games.

by David Mekersa

Create 2D Mobile Games

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Mobile App Development with Corona: Getting Started

Corona SDK allows the mobile app developer to create for multiple platforms at the same time. With the ability to develop for Apple iOS and Google Android, today’s developer can ready an application in a much shorter period of time for multiple markets. Mobile App Development with Corona: Getting Started is designed to be used as a guide for those who wish to learn to develop mobile apps using the Corona SDK.

by Brian G. Burton, Ed.D.

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Beginning Mobile App Development with Corona

Beginning Mobile App Development with Corona is designed to be used as a textbook in college or advanced High School courses. It contains additional material such as assignments, learning objectives, and teacher resources (forth coming) that Mobile App Development with Corona: Getting Started does not include.

Corona SDK allows the mobile app developer to create for multiple platforms at the same time. With the ability to develop for Apple iOS and Google Android, today’s developer can ready an application in a much shorter period of time for multiple markets.

by Brian G. Burton, Ed.D.

Also available in Portuguese

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Mobile Game Development With Corona SDK

In this course, expert author J.A. Whye teaches you to how to build games for iOS and Android devices utilizing the powerful tools available in the popular Corona SDK. This course is designed for intermediate developers, and you should be familiar with Corona, and mobile development in general before attempting this video tutorial.

The author takes you through this video training step by step, each lesson building on the last. Some of the topics that he covers include; programming with Lua, animating images, tap and touch event control, using widgets, music and FX, scene management, managing data and sprite animation. Once you have the basic techniques down, the author takes you through building actual games in order to apply your knowledge – you will make a physics-based game, a space shooter and a puzzle game. This Corona game development tutorial finishes off with some tips on polishing up your games.

by Infinite Skills, instructor is J.A. Whye

Infinite Skills

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Corona SDK Hotshot

Ten fully developed code projects that build on previous projects and present new techniques. Freely reusable art and sound files included with every project help you jumpstart your own development.

Numerous advanced techniques to make the most out of Corona’s features and the Lua programming language.

by Nevin Flanagan

Corona SDK Hotshot

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Learn Corona SDK Game Development

Corona SDK is one of the most popular app and game mobile development platforms in the world, and Learn Corona SDK Game Development walks you through creating a full-featured Corona game from scratch to the App Store.

by Frank Zammetti

Learn Corona SDK Game Development

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Corona SDK Mobile Game Development: Beginner’s Guide

Corona SDK is the fastest and easiest way to create commercially successful cross platform mobile games. Just ask Robert Nay, a 14 year old who created Bubble Ball – downloaded three million times, famously knocking Angry Birds off the top spot. You don’t need to be a programming veteran to create games using Corona. Corona SDK is the number one tool for creating fun, simple blockbuster games.

Assuming no experience at all with programming or game development you will learn the basic foundations of Lua and Corona right through to creating several monetized games deployable to Android and Apple stores.

by Michelle M. Fernandez

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Learning Corona SDK Tutorial DVD – Video Training

Take your skills to the next level. This Learning Corona SDK Tutorial Video is the ultimate in comprehensive instruction for the discerning professional.

These training classes use broadcast quality audio and video to deliver concise and informative training right to your desktop. The course is presented via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

These Learning Corona SDK Tutorials break even the most complex subjects down into easy to follow segments, following along is simple. Practical working files further enhance the learning process and provide a degree of retention that is unmatched by any other form of training.

by Infinite Skills, instructor is Rafael Hernandez

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Corona SDKで作るiPhone/Androidアプリプログラミング (Japanese)

by Tetsuo Ono

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10天做好App:Corona SDK

This book, written entirely in Chinese, is great beginners or even those that don’t have experience with programming or game development. It contains lots of illustration and sample code and covers topics like display objects, Storyboard, Movieclip, iPhone 5 optimization, localization and much more. Start learning Corona SDK and building actual games with this book now!

YouTube video

by Wei Wei

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Corona Book (Chinese)

Corona SDK eBooks by Luciano Vieiria Lima (Portuguese and other languages)

Luciano Vieiria Lima, together with some collaborators, has written a number of eBooks on different aspects of building games in Corona SDK. Luciano is a Corona Ambassador and a Professor at the Universidade Federal de Uberlandia in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

by Luciano Vieiria Lima

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Corso di Corona SDK (Italian)

This course is divided into ten volumes, starting with the basics and covering both theory and practice, including code examples. Each ebook is structured with a pragmatic approach, with a link to downloadable code, available and usable at will.

by Mirco Baragiani


Corona Corso italiano

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Mobile Apps with Corona SDK

This guide will introduce you to the world of mobile app development through Corona SDK. You’ll dive right into creating your own game apps through examples without all of the boring jargon and technical background. Full source code and artwork provided via download for multiple applications.

iBook and PDF available.

by GP Animations

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GP Animations bookl

Mobile Game Design

This book covers the details on how to make a successful smart phone and tablet game… from the list of game mechanics to use to the different ways to market and monetize the game.

This book focuses more on theoretical aspects of mobile game design. There are references to practical tools you can use to make your mobile game. This book complements the YouTube video series “Make Your Own Mobile Game in 60 Minutes”. The video series goes into the practical implementation of these mobile game mechanics.

by Chroma Coders

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Mobile Game Design

Create Mobile Games with Corona: Build with Lua on iOS and Android

Develop cross-platform mobile games with Corona SDK using the Lua programming language! Corona is experiencing explosive growth among mobile game developers, and this book gets you up to speed on how to use this versatile platform. You’ll use Corona SDK to simplify game programming and take a fun, no-nonsense approach to write and add must-have gameplay features. You’ll find out how to create all the gaming necessities: menus, sprites, movement, perspective and sound effects, levels, loading and saving, and game physics.

Along the way, you’ll learn about Corona’s API functions and build three common kinds of mobile games from scratch that can run on the iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, NOOK Color, and all other Android smartphones and tablets.

by Silvia Domenech

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How to Create Your First iPhone App

This book focuses on designing iOS apps with Corona SDK as well as creating web apps with HTML5 technology. With over 200 pages, an array of case studies and plenty of legal tips for app developers and entrepreneurs, you’ll be building apps in no time.

This eBook is available in both English and Spanish.

by Alberto Padilla

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How to create your first iPhone App

Aniballs: An Adventure in Game Design

This 34 page art book gives you a behind the scenes look at concept art, software, candid photos and an overview of the process Todd used on the year-long adventure to create an educational mobile game with his 7 and 10 year old kids.

by Todd Cowden

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Introduction to Programming with Lua and the Corona Game Lab (Cook’s Books)

The book that maximizes the fun of learning to program. Written by a professional educator and programmer with over 500,000 lines of code in experience. Concepts are covered from the ground up. We only assume that the reader can download the free software and use a text editor on Windows or OS/X.

by Robert Cook

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Intro to Prog with Lua and Corona

Online Courses

Business Apps Using Corona SDK

Business Apps Using Corona SDK contains more than 40 tutorial videos and covers subjects such as reading and parsing JSON data from external servers, reading and writing data with the SQLite database, creating scrolling lists with the TableView widget and more.

by Mastering Corona SDK



Mobile App Development Made Easy Using Corona SDK

Learn commercial mobile app design. Write once and build to iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and NOOK at the touch of a button.

by Infinite Skills