There are thousands of Corona success stories, from a 14 year old developer to venture-backed studios!

Case Studies

USA Cycling Takes Corona for a Ride

USA Cycling built My USAC in just two months with Corona SDK. The app is essential for cyclists and features athletes’ ranking, a viewer for news photos, racing categories and more.

USA Cycling

University of Bedfordshire

University of Bedfordshire in the UK was the first educational institution to partner with Corona Labs on an Academic Site license. Since 2011, the university has relied on Corona to teach mobile development.

University of Bedfordshire

Unicorn Labs: Building an Award-Winning App Portfolio with Corona

Unicorn Labs’ Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race eBook cracked the Top 10 list for free eBooks, and went on to become one of the top grossing eBooks for iPad.

Rabbit and Turtle

Teen Builds Mobile Game Business with Corona SDK

Developing since the age of 16, Jordan Schuetz went on to create hit games for NOOK including IQ Test (the #2 best-selling game) and Draw & Guess Online.

Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 12.29.34 PM

Tapps: A Portfolio of Star Corona-Built Apps

Tapps has built an impressive portfolio of beautiful Corona-power apps. Based in Brasil, Tapps’ apps have received more than 2.2 million downloads in the first half of 2012 alone!


Sophie: Pharma & Biotech Intelligence

The Sophie app is a powerful tool for business and pharmaceutical professionals. The app is intuitive and easy to use, allowing professionals to navigate, browse and access information effortlessly.

Sophie icon

Shaq chooses Corona to battle mutant zombies

Hiptic Games created ShaqDown with Corona SDK to offer simplified game controls, one of a kind graphics, and a range of fighting techniques for players.

Shaqdown icon

Robert Nay: 14-Year Old Powerhouse

At 14, Robert Nay was one of Corona SDK’s original indie success stories. His first game, Bubble Ball, reached the top spot on the App Store, unseating games like Angry Birds in the process.

Bubble Ball

Robert Morris University

Robert Morris University uses Corona SDK to introduce students to mobile development. Upon completing their development coursework, students graduate with a skill-set that prepares them to work in the mobile industry.

Robert Morris University

Rentalapp: Serving tourists in Rome

Developed by the Italy-based agency Magadesign, Rentalapp helps tourists find comfortable, safe and spacious furnished apartments in Rome.


Red Sprite Studios: Save Our Village

As an independent studio specializing in casual mobile games, Red Sprite Studios used Corona Enterprise to develop their latest title, Save Our Village.

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 5.38.07 PM

Primal Screen – Thomas & Friends: Mix-Up Match-Up

Hired by the licensee of the Thomas & Friends brand, Primal Screen built Thomas & Friends: Mix-Up Match-Up in just 9 months using Corona SDK.

Thomas & Friends icon

Predictive iDash hits the ground running with Corona

Predictive iDash assists race car drivers on the track, displaying live performance data and saving racing sessions that can be used for predictive lap timing.

Predictive iDash icon

Octopuzzle: An Epic Ocean Quest

Nestled in the North of Holland, MAD Multimedia creates desktop and mobile game for clients including the Government of the Netherlands and the Belgian TV network Ketnet. The studio turned to Corona Enterprise to develop their latest in-house title.

Octopuzzle icon

NuOffer: Digitizing the Real Estate Industry

NuOffer is a mobile app that brings negotiating and fulfilling real estate transactions into the 21st century. Built with Corona Enterprise, NuOffer connects buyers, sellers and agents to move faster, sell more, and make fewer mistakes in the process.


Native Tongue Teaches Languages with Mobile Games

Native Tongue’s apps make learning fun, with interactive language games that help users learn words in Mandarin, Spanish and English.

Manadarin Madness logo

My Days – Tracking Fertility and Ovulation

With over 3 million downloads, My Days is the #1 period and ovulation tracking app on the market. Developer Christian Albert Mueller relied on Corona SDK for cross-platform support, easy to use APIs and the simplicity of the Lua language.

My Days icon

Mobile Apps for Early Childhood Education

To build early childhood education apps, Redbytes Software founded tinytapps in 2011. Using Corona SDK, tinytapps has created over 45 apps that have enjoyed more than 500,000 downloads in Apple’s App Store.

Panda Math

Mobicle: Expanding to Global Markets with Corona Enterprise

A top game studio in Korea, Mobicle hand-picked Corona Enterprise to create their latest games for mobile.


Minu: A Beautiful Timer

Simple in design and gorgeous in construction, Minu soared as a Top 10 Utility app in App Stores worldwide.

Minu icon

Mindgrub: Zach & Haley SCUBA Adventure

Mindgrub Technologies fuses creative and technical expertise for iOS and Android development. Mindgrub’s latest Corona-built game is Zach & Haley SCUBA Adventure, which was created for Discovery Kids.

SCUBA Adventures icon

Madhead: Creating Chart-Toppers with Corona

Madhead is a leading mobile development studio based in Hong Kong. They have developed over 100 popular game titles for Asian, European and Latin American markets using the Corona platform.


Macmillan’s Priddy Books Launches a Series of Early Learning Apps for iPad

Commissioned by Macmillan, the renowned international publishing company, Unicorn Labs developed Play and Learn with Wallace for preschoolers.

Priddy eBook

Kuyi Mobile: Streetfood Tycoon

Erick V. Garayblas is the owner of Kuyi Mobile, the one-man studio behind Streetfood Tycoon. The game has achieved over 2.5 M downloads, reaching #1 in strategy games in App Stores worldwide.

Streetfood Tycoon

Inspiring Luxury with Clicquot Insight

AKF-CS is a French publisher that creates content sponsored by high-end companies including Cartier, CHANEL and Dior. The publisher turned to Corona to build Clicquot Insight, a lifestyle magazine app sponsored by Veuve-Clicquot, a luxury champagne brand.


Hanger: From Flash to Corona SDK

The developers of A Small Game studio originally developed Hanger – a game that received over 60 million plays – with Flash. Due to the game’s popularity, the duo decided to bring Hanger to players on iOS with Corona.

Hanger icon

Gravity Maze: A Fresh Approach to Physics-Based Puzzlers

Offering an innovative twist to physics-based puzzlers, Gravity Maze provides players with the power to rotate the world and turn it upside-down.

Gravity Maze

Future POS builds a mobile strategy with Corona

To offer customers powerful point of sale solutions, Future POS turned to Corona SDK for the ease of development, quick iteration, and cross-platform capabilities.

Future POS logo

Foresee: A Sophisticated Approach to Activity Planning

Foresee helps you plan outdoor activities by comparing your ideal conditions with the local weather forecast. This New and Noteworthy app reached #2 in the Paid Productivity category of the App Store.


flaregames chooses Corona Enterprise

Backed by VC firm Accel Partners, flaregames chose Corona Enterprise to develop 2D mobile content. Since launch, Corona-powered BraveSmart and Ocean Tower received notable traction in App Stores worldwide.

Throne Wars icon

Fire Maple Games: An Indie Success Story

Joe Kauffman started Fire Maple Games in 2008 to create casual games for mobile. His latest titles, The Secret of Grisly Manor and The Lost City, have received 7M+ downloads, reaching #1 in paid apps in the App Store.


Electric Eggplant: Building a Popular Young Adult eBook Series with Corona

David and Annie Fox are award-winning multimedia producers and owners of Electric Eggplant, a studio that developed a series of young adult eBooks with Corona.


Crossing The Finish Line With ‘Bibs’

Runners around the country have selected Bibs as the go-to app for marathon events, helping it surpass 10,000 downloads within months of launch. Learn why founder Patrick McLain and his team worked with Corona SDK to develop their chart-topping app.


Corona Takes Off with Blast Monkeys

The Corona-powered Blast Monkeys has been downloaded over 11 million times to date. Since its launch in 2011, the game is constantly updated to retain loyal fans and attract new players.

Blast Monkeys

Corona Takes a Swim with ‘Sparky the Shark’

Created by Biscuit Interactive®, Sparky the Shark is a beautiful children’s book. The eBook features a lovable set of characters and crisp, vibrant graphics for the enjoyment of young readers.

Sparky the Shark

Corona SDK Works With Blockdot and Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

Blockdot, an award-winning Dallas-based studio, worked with Universal Pictures to create Truffula Shuffula, official app for Dr. Suess’ The Lorax movie.

The Lorax

Corona SDK Powers Major Magnet

Built with Corona SDK and published by Iddiction, Major Magnet is a beautiful 2D platformer game, that soared as the #2 paid app in the App Store.

Major Magnet

Chicktionary Coop Hatches with Corona SDK

Chicktionary Coop is the second generation of the egg-citing word game which has been featured in TIME Magazine, MSNBC, Mashable and Tecca as a top educational mobile app for kids.

Screen Shot 2012-11-14 at 9.13.37 AM

Cherry at the Stars: Winner at the American Design Awards

Damla Ayzeren is the writer, illustrator and developer of ‘Cherry at the Stars,’ an eBook that won second place at the 2012 American Design Awards.

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 10.59.16 AM

Central Michigan University

Since taking over the game development course at Central Michigan University, instructor Anthony Morelli switched from Flash to Corona SDK. Anthony chats on why he made the switch and on his students’ experience making games with Corona.

Central Michigan University logo

Car Seat Helper: Navigating the Complicated Space of Child Safety Seats

Car Seat Helper is an award-winning app built by MediaKube, an interactive digital agency. The app helps parents choose the safest car seat for their youngsters.


Brigham Young University

After researching a number of development tools, professors at Brigham Young University selected Corona SDK as their tool-of-choice for teaching mobile development to students.


Battling in the Workplace with ‘Office Master: Backstab’

Developed by The Little Drummer Boy, Office Master: Backstab features stunning graphics and fantastic gameplay.

Office Politics icon

Academy of Art

Academy of Art University incorporated Corona SDK into their mobile development curriculum in 2012. Within a few semesters, the course became so popular that the university expanded the program with additional courses.

Academy of Art logo

‘UK Postage Calculator’ Delivers a Handy Utility App With Corona SDK

This #2 paid business app on the App Store quickly and conveniently calculates UK postage costs based on a number of shipment factors.


‘Monster Splash’ – An Aquatic Adventure

Indie developer Scott Bradley built his first mobile game, Monster Splash, in just three weeks with Corona SDK. Featuring stunning graphics and fun gameplay, Monster Splash was recognized as a Corona App of the Week.

Monster Splash

‘Frederick Spin’ Weaves a Beautiful Storybook with Corona

Henk Doorten is the illustrator and co-creator of the Dutch children’s book, Frederick Spin. Henk recently brought Frederick to the digital world using Corona SDK and Kwik.

Frederik Spin logo