Third Party Tools and Services

These tools have been developed by third-party developers and are part of the growing Corona SDK ecosystem, intended to extend Corona and/or help with your overall development.
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Featured Tools

Tool Types:
ZeroBrane logo

ZeroBrane Studio

ZeroBrane Studio is a slick IDE for Lua and Lua-based frameworks that
supports syntax highlighting, code analyzer, remote console, on-device
debugging and live coding, watches, stack view, and more (Windows, Mac
OSX, Linux).

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Widgets Town

A community-driven website offering custom widgets and themes for business application developers using Corona SDK for mobile development.

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Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a text editor born from the full Visual Studio IDE, supported on both Windows and OS X.

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TexturePacker is a full-featured sprite sheet generation tool, supporting multi-device exporting, trimming/cropping, and more. Its graphical user interface includes multi-touch support, zooming, a tree view with all used sprites, and its fast layout algorithm shows all changes in real time.

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SpriteIlluminator is a normal map editor for dynamic lighting and special effects. It allows you to create stunning lighting effects with an array of convenient tools.

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2D skeletal animation for games. Spine replaces traditional raster animation in games, providing smoother animations that are easier to produce. Animations can be created without needing more art and are so tiny that games can make extensive use of them. Officially supports Corona SDK.

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Roaming Gamer

Roaming Gamer Templates

Learn by example with Roaming Gamer Templates. All templates for games and apps are fully commented. Don’t waste time wondering how it’s done — head over to the Roaming Gamer site today.

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Editing your physics shapes has never been easier! PhysicsEditor allows you to simply drag your shapes inside the editor, press the auto trace button, adjust the shape’s physics parameters, and directly export to your game development framework.

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Perspective Library

Perspective is a stable, powerful, and lightweight library that makes it easy to add a virtual camera system to your game, complete with smooth tracking, parallax scrolling, and layers.

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Lua Glider logo

Lua Glider IDE

Lua Glider IDE is an advanced IDE for Corona SDK professionals and beginners alike. Features include an advanced debugger, variables explorer, call stack, adaptive auto-complete, built in documentation, real-time breakpoints, split screen support, asset preview, simulator remote, and more. The tool is cross-platform for both Mac and Windows.

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LevelHelper 2

LevelHelper 2 is a software program for rapid prototyping & development of cross-platform 2D games. Designed to simplify the creation of games from simple assets layout to complex animations, completely intuitively. The possibilities are endless!

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Level Director X

Level Director X is a cross-platform level designer and asset manager specifically designed to work with Corona SDK. The toolset allows you to rapidly create title screens and levels with ease and export them to Lua code. Features include a physics body polygon editor, collision editor, animation sequences, sprite sheets, bezier curves, text objects, and more.

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Kwik logo


Kwik for Corona SDK is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop that allows designers to create comics and interactive books for iOS and Android devices with animations, buttons, and sound, directly from PSD files.

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Kut logo


Kutt aims to support creatives by speeding up the creation of user interfaces for a variety of device resolutions and sizes. Design once and Kutt does the rest of the job, exporting images to different resolutions.

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Icon Robot

Icon Robot is a tool that generates different size icons for marketplace distribution. The tool saves app developers time by resizing and exporting app icons in a wide variety of sizes.

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Glyph Designer

Glyph Designer

Glyph Designer allows any font to be decorated with different effects such as strokes, fills, and shadows in real time. It then generates a texture atlas that contains each required glyph and a control file that identifies where in that texture atlas each glyph is located along with information on how to position the glyph using kerning.

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Glitch Games Libraries

The GG libraries are a set of modular, reusable libraries that are designed to speed up development times by letting you worry about the actual game creation rather than repetitive coding.

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Dusk Engine

Dusk is a fast, open-source Tiled map loader and game engine for Corona SDK, featuring automatic culling, smart property loading, a built-in camera system, and much more.

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Coronium Cloud Platform

A free and simple Lua-based cloud platform and Corona SDK module which supports analytics, data objects, user management, push, and more.

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crave creative

Corona Widget Themes

Beautifully designed widget themes with 9 colors per theme and matching icon buttons. Perfect for game or business apps.

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Corona SDK OAuth 2.0

Connect to a RESTful OAuth 2.0 service in your Corona application in minutes! This Lua implementation of the OAuth 2.0 standard protocol includes support for authorization, token retrieval with URL callback, automatic token renewal and storage, and more.

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CBE is an open-source particle effects engine. Create beautiful effects with incredible ease while retaining complete control over each particle at the same time.

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bmGlyph is a bitmap font generator for OSX. A lot of effects are available: gradients, glossy, shadows, strokes or map a texture, unicode characters, kernings, per character editing, live preview. bmGlyph can publish a texture and an atlas font files for the desired resolution (ipad, hd, sd …) and can be used with Corona SDK.

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