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These are just a few examples of how easy it is to develop mobile apps with Corona SDK.
Over 100 samples will be installed on your machine when you download Corona. Just open the /SampleCode folder.

  • simplepool-thumb

    Simple Pool

    A basic game of billiards using the physics engine. It plays best on tablet-sized devices, but it will work on any iOS or Android device.

    See code

  • Ragdoll Sample App


    Ragdoll show off the power of physics in Corona. See how easy it is to use our integrated Box2D physics engine.

    See code

  • egg breakers app thumb

    Egg Breakers

    A simplified Angry Birds-style game showing objects with internal listeners to detect collision events.

    See code

  • Fishies Sample App


    A simple animation made using graphics, object orientation and touch listeners.

    See code

And there are many more…

  • SC20130613-183938
  • Frame Animation

    Demonstrates a simple way to perform animation, using an “enterFrame” listener to trigger updates.

    Location: SampleApps/GettingStarted/FrameAnimation1

  • Flashlight
  • Flashlight

    Shows how to place a mask on an image and modify it to view desired parts of the image underneath and limit touch regions.

    Location: SampleApps/Graphics/Flashlight

  • Drag me
  • Drag Me Multitouch

    Demonstrates how to create draggable objects with multitouch and prioritized layering.

    Location within the SDK: SampleApps/Interface/DragMeMultitouch

  • Native Keyboard
  • Native Keyboard

    Shows how to add and remove native text fields, change buttons on the keyboard, and create tap events.

    Location: SampleApps/Interface/NativeKeyboard

  • audio player
  • Audio Player

    Uses different audio tools to load, stream, play, pause, resume, and modify audio files. It also uses Lua tables and widgets to create a friendly user interface.

    Location: SampleApps/Media/AudioPlayer

  • jungle scene
  • Jungle Scene

    Shows animation using a sprite sheet at different frame rates.

    Location: SampleApps/Sprites/JungleScene