Take Your Business Apps to the Next Level

Your customers are tired of cookie-cutter apps.

Corona's graphical power is perfect for building next-generation
business apps and utilities with custom user experiences.

Supercharge your Developers

Corona’s 1000+ APIs enable everything from audio to networking, with just a few lines of code. Couple the Corona platform with Corona Editor and you’ll achieve even faster workflow.

Lua is a very easy to learn language - if your team is familiar with Javascript or ActionScript, they'll pick up Lua in a few hours.

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Integrate with your Business

Corona Enterprise allows you to call any native library and integrate to any data source. This includes Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and whatever else your IT department can throw at it.

Deploy to All Major Platforms

Corona allows you to deploy apps on iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows Phone 8 from a single code base.

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting around device and platform fragmentation, allowing your team to focus on creating great apps for your employees and customers.

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Join Thousands of Corona-Powered Businesses

Read some of our Case Studies to learn how businesses are using Corona today.

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Leverage your HTML5 Content and Expertise

Corona is based on OpenGL, enabling you to build engaging experiences, but it's also HTML5 friendly. Use all your existing, and future, HTML5 content and blend it seamlessly into your native apps.

Take advantage of HTML5 development, while still leveraging the richness of OpenGL and the distribution of the native app ecosystems.