Delight Your Audience with Rich Content

Mobile apps create a unique opportunity to build beautiful, engaging experiences. Thousands of children's app developers and eBook authors, from India-based tinytapps to Avokiddo, use Corona SDK.

Craft an Immersive Experience

Add animation, sound and interactivity to bring your children's app to life. Extend the functionality of your app by integrating in-app purchases, push notifications and downloadable content.

Avokiddo Emotions screenshot
Develop Apps 10x Faster

Cut Down on Code

In Corona, you use Lua - a light, easy to learn scripting language. Similar to coding in Flash and JavaScript, Lua allows you to iterate quickly and create apps 10x faster.

Avoid coding altogether with Kwik, a popular third party Photoshop-based tool, or with our Composer GUI, a visual editor.

Maximize Your Reach

Corona SDK allows you to publish to app stores for iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows Phone 8 from a single code base.

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting of device and platform fragmentation, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional mobile content.

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