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Corona Labs is proud to support students, educators and educational institutions around the world. If you are an educator or student, we offer discounted rates for Corona Enterprise subscriptions (Corona SDK is already free!). If you are a school that is interested in using Corona Enterprise as part of class instruction, we have Academic Site Licenses for 6+ licenses/machines.

Please read on for more information and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

EDU Pricing
Eligibility and restrictions
Textbooks and materials
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EDU pricing

Corona SDK is Free: Get Started!
Corona Enterprise: $449/year
CoronaCards iOS or Android: $249/year
Academic Site Licenses:
Please contact us


  • Students enrolled at an accredited university or college that grants degrees
  • Students enrolled at an accredited primary or secondary school providing full-time instruction
  • Students that are home schooled with the necessary state authorization
  • Educators and staff employed by an accredited primary/secondary school or university/college
  • For Academic Site Licenses: institutions that will use Corona SDK as part of class instruction

Students - Please provide a scan of a valid student ID that includes the name, date and photo. If you do not have such an ID, please provide a scan of a valid photo ID and one of the following:

  • Official, current non-photo student ID with name and date
  • Official, current school transcript, tuition bill or report card
  • Other official dated proof of enrollment

Students who are under 18 and do not have a valid photo ID may provide an official letter from their eligible educational institution stating their name and current enrollment status. Educators and staff - Please provide a scan of a valid school ID that includes your name, date and a photo. If you do not have such an ID, please provide a scan of a valid photo ID and one of the following items:

  • Paycheck stub
  • Official letter from the registrar of the educational institution

Classes, Labs and Institutions - Please contact us for more information. Restrictions on use - Students and educators may purchase only one subscription which must be authorized on a privately owned computer. Subscriptions may not be resold or shared. Subscriptions must be used exclusively by the educator or student.

Textbooks and other materials

Learning App and Game Dev with CoronaLearning Mobile Application & Game Development with Corona SDK introduces programming concepts in a pedagogically friendly method while learning to develop for iOS/Android smartphones and tablets. Target Audience: High School/college students and others with little or no programming experience. ISBN: 978-1-937336-07-3, Copyright: 2013 Available formats: PDF, ePub, mobi, Apple iBookstore

Mobile App Dev with CoronaBeginning Mobile App Development with Corona introduces mobile application development for iOS/Android smartphones and tablets and assumes some previous programming background. Target Audience: Advanced High School or college students with at least one year of programming experience. ISBN: 978-1-937336-02-8, Copyright: 2011 Available formats: PDF, ePub, mobi

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