Download Corona and you are automatically a Corona SDK Starter. You can build and publish your apps for free.
Upgrade to Basic, Pro or Enterprise when you are ready for more functionality.

Do you have existing apps? CoronaCards lets you take Corona’s richness and ease-of-use to any native app.

Read on to learn why Corona SDK is the leader for 2D apps and games…

Development speed

Develop apps
10x faster

Corona’s extensive API library enables everything, from animation to networking, with a few lines of code. Whether you’re building games or business apps, you see changes instantly in the Corona Simulator and can iterate extremely quickly. Development is done in Lua, a lightning-fast, easy to learn scripting language.

See why Corona is 10x faster.

Couple Corona with Corona Editor and you’ll achieve even faster workflow.

Corona: The Standard in 2D Mobile Graphics.


Publish to all major platforms

Corona SDK allows you to publish for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 with CoronaCards, Kindle Fire and NOOK from a single code base.

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting related to device and platform fragmentation, allowing you to focus on creating exceptional mobile content.

Build on industry standards

The Corona platform is built on industry standards including
OpenGL, OpenAL, Box2D, Facebook, SQLite and much more.

Our new state-of-the-art graphics engine, based on OpenGL 2.0
and shaders, enables cinematic effects with just a few lines of code.

Corona Industry Standards

Monetize, grow, and prosper

We want you to succeed. That’s why we support in-app purchases, a variety of ad networks and other monetization models.

We partner with leaders including Vungle, PlayHaven, SponsorPay, Amazon and Fortumo and many more, to provide you with a wide range of options.