Frequently Asked Questions

Is Corona really free?

Yes — the core Corona framework is completely free, including Corona Native which can be used to extend Corona with native languages (C/C++/Obj-C/Java). There are no restrictions on which stores you can build for. Additionally, we offer a selection of plugins  which allow you to easily extend the functionality of Corona; most of these are free, but some premium plugins must be purchased. Finally, the Corona Marketplace  offers over 100 additional third-party plugins; many are free, while others are priced according to the vendors who maintain them.


Note — Apple, Google, and Amazon require that you join their respective developer programs to deploy apps in their marketplace(s). These programs have associated fees which you are responsible for.


How do I remove or modify the in-app Corona Labs splash screen?

Corona includes a default splash screen which can be removed or customized with the purchase of a plugin.


What is the difference between the base Corona framework and Corona Native?

With the base Corona framework, you write your code in Lua and use the Corona Simulator to test and build your app for deployment to the marketplace(s). You must use the built-in Corona APIs and plugins to build your app, and you must have an Internet connection to perform project builds for actual devices.


Corona Native, available for macOS developers, allows you to integrate your Lua code and assets with an Xcode or Android Studio project and use those tools to build your app. You can still access Corona APIs and Corona plugins, but you can also access and integrate additional features using Objective-C and Swift for Apple platforms, Java for Android platforms, and C/C++ for either. You can also build from the command line and you don’t need Internet access all of the time.


How do I get Corona?

You can download Corona here. Once you download, you can immediately start building an app or game. We do not provide disks or any other physical media.


What platforms does Corona run on?

The base Corona framework is available for macOS and Windows. Corona Native is currently only available for macOS.


Note — Because of Apple restrictions, you cannot build apps for iOS, macOS, or tvOS using the Windows version of Corona. However, you can use the same Lua code written on a Windows machine and build apps using a Mac if you want to target Apple platforms.


What platforms can I build apps for?

Corona currently supports building apps for the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Windows desktop
  • macOS desktop
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Steam



Why does Corona require an Internet connection to build?

Corona requires an Internet connection to build apps for devices because part of the build process occurs on Corona Labs’ servers. However, Corona Labs never sees your raw source code, project images, sounds, or other assets. When you initiate an online build, the Lua script is pre-compiled into bytecode (stripping out comments, debug information, etc.) before it gets sent to the server. The server embeds this data into the Corona engine but it never saves or archives it. Once the build process is complete, you will have an app bundle or executable just as if you had used the native platform SDK.


If I need offline builds, what are my options?

Corona Native allows you to create offline builds .


How do I file a bug?

Please file bugs using our bug submission form . In order for us to isolate and verify a bug, we request that you submit a simple test project which clearly demonstrates the issue. This project must contain a config.lua file, build.settings file, and main.lua file, plus any assets needed to demonstrate the issue.


Note — We can not evaluate test cases which include code from third-party products, as their code may be the root cause of the issue. If you believe that a third-party product is at fault, please contact the vendor directly for assistance.


Does Corona Labs publish my apps?

No — you create your app using the Corona framework, then submit the built app directly to Apple, Google, or Amazon through their respective developer programs. However, we do work with publishing partners and can help you with this process. If you’re interested, please email [email protected] for more information.


Does Corona Labs take any revenue share of my apps?

We do not take a revenue share of the sales profits for any apps built with Corona — you own your apps entirely and any publishing arrangements are made solely between you and the various app stores. There are, however, a limited number of advertising plugins in which we subtract a small percentage from the earned in-app advertising revenue.


Does Corona Labs offer support?

Corona developers can get free community support through our forums. The Corona community is very helpful and frequently answers questions as they come in. In addition, Corona Labs maintains a presence in the forums and answers questions on a consistent basis.


Corona Labs also offers paid support. We offer Premium Support for customers that require any of the following services:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Code Examples
  • App Debugging
  • Code Review


Does Corona Labs offer training?

Yes — we offer basic one-on-one training for developers looking to get up and running with Corona. For more information, please see our Support and Training page.


How can I find a Corona developer?

We suggest posting on Corona Classifieds Jobs forum.


Corona doesn’t yet support a feature I need. What are my options?

We are constantly working to add new features to Corona. If the extensive core functionality and selection of plugins don’t offer a specific feature you require, Corona Native allows you to integrate your Lua code and assets with an Xcode or Android Studio project and use those tools to build your app. You can also vote on current feature requests or request new features at our feedback site.


If I use Corona, do I need to pay for the Apple, Google, or Amazon developer programs?

Yes — while you can freely use Corona to develop apps and test them in the Corona Simulator, Apple, Google, and Amazon require that you join their respective developer programs to deploy apps in their marketplace(s). These programs have associated fees which you are responsible for.


What are daily builds?

In addition to the most current public release  of Corona, we offer daily builds  which incorporate the latest features and fixes. Many Corona developers use daily builds for their day-to-day development and we believe it’s entirely safe to develop — and submit your apps to market — using daily builds. However, you should be aware that daily builds may introduce unforeseen issues and refer to the forums or other resources as necessary.