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I wanted to do a quick post because we recently started using a new service that lets us understand our users in new and interesting ways. One of the things that it lets us do is visualize where our users are.

So take a look at this – these are the developers that have registered and used Corona just over the last bunch of days. We have developers in 126 countries!!

Worldwide Corona Users screenshot

Thank you to all of you and have a great weekend!

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4 Responses to “Corona’s Global Reach!”

  1. Ed Maurina

    Hey Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Southern Texas! What’s going on with you guys? Get developing with Corona already! :)

  2. Graham Boulton

    We may be in “down-under” but the support and collaboration we are experiencing with other Corona developers interested in developing games for our FocusBand Brain-Hybrid Gaming is fantastic.
    We are only touching the surface of all the power of Corona… thanks


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