App of the Week: OmNomster

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What do you get when you put a hungry monster in a room full of trash? A feast! The furry OmNomster will eat anything in sight, from banana skins, to fishbones to broken umbrellas. This App of the Week will entertain you with a silly character, easy shake-and-play mechanics and chirpy music.

App of the Week: Hungry Oni

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Hungry Oni

Hungry Oni is the work of a British ex-Lionhead Studios game designer, Andrzej Zamoyski, and an Indonesian artist/illustrator, Ferdi Trihadi. The game features bold graphics, spunky audio and amusing gameplay and was even graced with a ‘New and Noteworthy’ feature in the App Store.

App of the Week: Plasma Pig

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Plasma Pig icon

When Pigsley, the cartoony pig, is transported to Planet Lardo, he’s in real danger. The planet is run by an evil overlord that would love nothing more than to turn Pigsley into a delicious pile of bacon.

Mobile Development Lesson Learned: Ship Now! (Guest Piece)

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Mo Laird

Mohamed Bennouf is the Co-Founder of LairdGames, an independent app development studio. As a Corona SDK developer for over two years, Mohamed won App of the Week in February 2013 for his recent game Space Missile Command.

Prior to creating Space Missile Command, Mohamed released five Palm OS games since 2006, including three hard-core flight simulators. Mohamed lives in the Bay Area, works full-time as a field engineer, and makes software to relax.

App of the Week: Egg Baby

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Egg Baby

For anyone fond of Tamagotchis of the ’90s, our App of the Week will fill you with a bit of nostalgia. Egg Baby is a game that’s centered around taking care of an adorable virtual pet on your device, and depending on how you raise the egg, it hatches into a variety of interesting creatures.