Update: Android Widget Themes

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Starting in the most recent public build, all Corona developers can now opt to use two new widget themes in their projects. These new themes are styled after the Android “Holo Light” and “Holo Dark” themes which are commonly found on Android devices running recent versions of the OS.

Tutorial: Creating a Sharing Panel

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On iOS, many apps include a share button that lets you share your app’s features, whether it be a message, an achievement, or a high score via various services like Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. This week’s tutorial outlines the basic steps to construct a sharing panel in the iOS 7 style.

Widgets — Creating a Sliding Panel

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Today’s tutorial demonstrates how to create a sliding panel that has many uses, ranging from games to business applications. Using just one core function, you can easily implement a wide variety of panels that appear from different sides of the screen and utilize unique easing transitions.

Tutorial: Advanced TableView Tactics

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In the mobile app world, table views, or “list views,” are based on a paradigm where information is presented to the user in a series of single-column rows. In this tutorial, we’re going to look more deeply at this powerful tool in the widget repository and discuss how to implement some advanced features with just a little extra coding.

Tutorial: Stylizing Widgets, Part 1

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This week’s tutorial discusses how to visually stylize widgets. Although widgets will adopt the OS-like appearance by default, in many cases you’ll want to customize the appearance to suit the style of your app. In this part of the series (1), learn how to properly style the button, table view, stepper, and spinner widgets.

Corona Weekly Update: Fixing bugs

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While we work on lots of features that make mobile app development easier, I want to highlight all the bug fixing that’s been going on in parallel.

We’ve been very vigilant about regressions introduced in daily builds, but if there was one eye sore in our bugbase it was the bugs in the widget framework. We have attacked them with renewed vigor.