Guest piece: In game development, it’s all about details

For those of you who have played OmNomster, it’s likely that you haven’t noticed some of the small, subtle details that I’ve added to the game. That’s fine, since these effects shouldn’t be exaggerated to overwhelm the game. You actually shouldn’t notice them consciously, but they should give you an overall impression that the scene is real and alive.

Corona Labs and OUYA partner to create more opportunities for game developers on the big screen

From an action-packed arcade game to a turn-based RPG, some games look 10x more awesome on the big screen. To provide Corona developers with more distribution opportunities, we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with OUYA an innovative game console that’s made headlines for their developer-friendly approach to gaming.

Corona Geek #50 – Creating A Simple Game – Code Walkthrough – Part 2

This week we walked through part two of the game code from That’s So Panda’s game tutorial series. The tutorial covers many game dynamics like the use of the physics engine, collision detection, spawning enemies, D-Pad implementation, score keeping, and health meter implementation. Be sure to watch part one of this two part series. In part one we touched on overall game design concepts like story development.

Corona Geek #45 – Is NOOK Color Dead, Ouya Sells Out, Become a Corona SDK Hotshot

This week we hung out with Nevin Flanagan to discuss his new Corona SDK Hotshot book, which takes you beyond the basics of developing with a much larger look at game development concepts using Lua and Corona SDK. Nevin is credited as a contributor to the World of Warcraft user interface, so he’s been using Lua for a long time and has been using Corona SDK for the last several years. We also talked about the recent NOOK Color announcements and Ouya’s hot selling game consoles.

Corona Geek #39 – Creating Forever Lost, Episodes 1, 2, and 3

This week we hung out with Graham Ranson and Simon Pearce of Glitch Games to discuss how they designed and developed their hit game Forever Lost. Both game developers were brutally honest about the process and their design decisions. They also provided some encouraging insights into how two game developers make their living off of a popular game title.

Staff Conversation: Ray Casting In Corona SDK

In this second edition of our new weekly Staff Conversations segment, Corona Labs Core Engineer, Albert Yale talks about ray casting and how it can be used to probe the properties of a world and how it can be used to make game AI smarter.