Tutorial: Introducing the “Social” Plugin (iOS)

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In iOS 6, Apple included a class which handles not only Twitter, but also Facebook and even the widely-used Chinese social networking service, Sina Weibo. Now that Corona’s plugin system is in place, we’ve rolled out a new plugin for Pro subscribers. This is the “Social” plugin and it allows developers to implement these three services directly into their apps. Read further to learn more.

Understanding Facebook Authentication

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Some developers encounter road blocks when they attempt to get Facebook working in their apps. Part of the challenge is trying to understand how Facebook authenticates users. This week’s tutorial walks you through the process on both iOS and Android.

Corona and Facebook Technology Partners

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FB and Corona

Today Facebook announced the Facebook Technology Partners program. We’re excited that Corona Labs is part of this program and we have worked to make sure Corona SDK fully supports the functionality that Facebook makes available to mobile developers. More specifically, we support the latest Facebook SDK on iOS (and will soon do so on Android as well).