Resolution Independence: Adaptive Content Scaling in Corona

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In previous posts, I shared a new way to think about virtual pixels (points) on iOS and the nuances of density independence on Android. Today, I’m going to talk about virtual pixels in Corona and explain how Corona virtual pixels can be made to look like native iOS/Android virtual pixels using “adaptive” content scaling.

iOS 8 and Corona SDK

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It appears Apple has been making changes a little too quickly lately. Their sudden changes to the app submission filters gave heartburn to many iOS developers, including yours truly. And then just today, they pulled iOS 8.0.1, their minor update to iOS 8, on the same day they released it.

Of course, Apple changed a number of things with iOS 8 that have affected iOS app development. We’ve been tracking these and wanted to give you a summary of the known issues in Corona and their status.

App of the Week: What the Block?!

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Using a clever and intuitive physics-based game design, What the Block?! is a challenging game that will put both your strategic thinking skills and your dexterity to the test. Based on Tetris-like principles, What the Block?! requires careful planning to successfully progress in the game.

App of the Week: Vidburn

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Vidburn is the ideal way to capture and share your most creative, silly and provocative moments without leaving a digital trace. Recently featured in Gizmodo and Business Insider, Vidburn is a free app for your iPhone that allows you to flex your creative muscle.