App of the Week: Windsquire

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Windsquire is an addicting game that combines skill-based racing and maze-like obstacles. Created by Baltimore-based Mindgrub, the storyline follows a squire who ventures on a quest to amass treasure. When the squire tumbles onto mystic runes, he becomes infused with the ability to fly by controlling the wind. His mission: to find treasure while escaping a ferocious dragon.

App of the Week: Baby Turkey Trouble

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Baby Turkey Trouble

To bring you a bit of Thanksgiving cheer, we’ve selected an App of the Week that combines quirky baby turkeys with the popular match-3 game genre. As the official app of the Free Birds movie, Baby Turkey Trouble is a family-friendly holiday game that stars Tuff Puffs, adorable baby turkeys from the feature film.

App of the Week: Perplexicon

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When brainstorming ideas for his latest word game, Justin Giles of Greenrift Software wanted to create a game that challenged the status quo of the genre. Inspired by classics such as Boggle and Scrabble, Justin launched Perplexicon, presenting players with a 7×7 grid sparsely populated with a mix of letter tiles, required tiles, empty spaces, and other elements for novel gameplay.

App of the Week: Ruffl

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Ruffl is a real-time restaurant discovery and reservation app for hungry Londoners and travelers. The app boasts partnership with more than 450 London-based restaurants to connect diners with open tables at restaurants nearby.

App of the Week: Mind Stuck

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Based on the concept of the award-winning game “Vexed,” Mind Stuck is a free Corona-powered block puzzler for iOS. In Mind Stuck, you’re given an assortment of blocks and tasked with matching blocks of the same symbol and color by sliding them from left to right to clear the board.