Guest post: Hex LED and CoronaBlitz #2

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Sergey Lerg is the creator of Corona-built games “Cubic Run” and “Laser Flow.” In this post, Sergey discusses his experience as a participant in CoronaBlitz #2 and how he managed to make a full game, “Hex LED,” in under a week.

Tutorial: Moving Objects Along a Path

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There are many ways to move objects in Corona SDK. If you want to move an object from point A to point B, the simplest approach is to use a transition. But what if you need to move it along a path with multiple segments, like moving a knight on a chess board in its unique “L” pattern? This tutorial outlines how to achieve sequential movement via a series of queued transitions.

Tutorial: Simulating Game Controllers

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If you’re developing Corona-powered apps for HID-controller-based environments, you might have wished that you can “simulate” the controller input similarly to how you simulate other aspects of your app. Now you can! In today’s guest tutorial, learn how to simulate HID controllers directly in the Corona Simulator.

Tutorial: Repeating Fills in Graphics 2.0

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Graphics 2.0 Demo Contest Winners

In today’s Graphics 2.0 tutorial, we’ll explore how to use repeating fills on display objects. This allows you to fill a larger display object with a “tiled pattern” in a variety of repetition modes. Furthermore, you can offset the fill position, rotate it, and even scale it — all independently of the object. Read further to discover how.

Graphics 2.0 Tutorial Roundup

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Graphics 2.0 Demo Contest Winners

Corona’s Graphics 2.0 engine is progressing nicely, and we want to express our sincere gratitude to the dozens of Pro and Enterprise beta testers who have used the engine thus far. For those who haven’t yet explored Graphics 2.0, we’d like to remind you of several tutorials which we’ve recently released. We’d also like to remind you to submit your amazing entries for our Graphics 2.0 contest.

Tutorial: Fills and Strokes in Graphics 2.0

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Graphics 2.0 Demo Contest Winners

An exciting new addition to Corona SDK’s Graphics 2.0 engine is the ability to fill and stroke any graphic object with other images, gradients, and over 25 Photoshop-style composite effects. In addition, the new graphics engine features over 50 filter and generator effects which can bring your app’s visuals to amazing new levels. Read further to learn more.