eBooks with Corona and our Growing Ecosystem

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We had a great event last week, in San Francisco, that showcased 3 different ways of building eBooks with Corona. Our speakers David Gross, Ron Martinez of Aerbook and Alex Souza of Kwik, demonstrated their respective platforms and how they are using Corona SDK in unique ways, to help others create high quality, interactive eBooks.

Guest Post: Developing eBooks with Kwik 2

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Greg Pugh is the owner of GP Animations, the company behind the Colin Turtle book series. His books, “The Perfect Pillow” and “Floating Fun” have sold thousands of copies worldwide for the iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire. Recently, Greg was an alpha tester for Kwik 2, a Photoshop plugin that allows designers and illustrators to bring stories to life without a single line of code.

To celebrate the upcoming release of Kwik 2, Kwiksher is hosting an August promotion. If you’re working on an extraordinary story, want to be highlighted in the Kwik 2 PR launch, and are interested in an interview with Kwiksher and Corona Labs, enter the contest!

Guest Post: Corona SDK = eBooks for non-coders

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Our latest App of the Week is the dating guide Fire Cupid, an exceptionally crafted eBook for the iPad and Android tablets. Below, Josh from the Miss Pivot dating coach service elaborates on how he brought his vision for a truly interactive eBook using Corona SDK. If you read carefully, you might even be able to catch a hint or two at what may be in the Ansca pipeline… The story of Fire Cupid started when my business partner, Kevin Emmons, and I, Josh Mitchell, decided we wanted to write and release a book on body language. A text-filled manuscript wasn’t an option though. We are both visual people and get tired of reading thousands of words. We knew our story had to be told in a modern

App of the Week (January 29, 2012): Fire Cupid

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Last week, we featured the pristine Where’s Paradise? eBook as an example of a splendidly crafted iPad reference app. With last week’s Apple iBook announcement, it’s gonna be more important than ever for learning apps to be built with the tablet interface in mind. This week, our App of the Week is another example of that — the interactive dating guide Fire Cupid! Since we’re all nerds here, Fire Cupid is an immeasurably useful app for us all. Creators Miss Pivot are a dating coach service out of Indianapolis, and have created Fire Cupid as a guide to, in their words, stop awkward dating. In Fire Cupid, you explore real-life examples and advice on getting over the initial hurdle of meeting that special someone. Oh, and the eBook is for

Guest Post: From film-making to app-making

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Rares and Anamaria head up the Romanian-based New Mindflow studio. Much like your friendly neighborhood Carlos, they started out in the film-making world before heading over to app-making. Below, they elaborate on their story of being film makers-turn-coders using Corona and our sidekick Kwik to make one of the best eBooks we’ve ever seen — Where’s Paradise?. After graduating from film school in 2008, we discovered mobile apps as a potentially great medium to distribute our work — especially to explore new possibilities for storytelling and new audiences. The two of us also met that year and it was clear to us from the beginning that we wanted to work together and be as independent as possible while doing so. I had seen Steve Jobs’

App of the Week (January 22, 2012): Where’s Paradise? Nusa Lembongan

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Judging by the feedback to Carlos’ post about eBooks last week, it seems that a lot of you plan on using Corona to make books for tablets in the near-future. Well, it looks like you’ll have plenty of inspiration from your fellow Corona developers — including Where’s Paradise?, our latest App of the Week! Where’s Paradise? is the first “episode” of eBooks exploring various remote islands that the rest of us might only know as vacation getaways. Specifically, this inaugural issue of Where’s Paradise? explores the small island of Nusa Lembongan off the coast of Bali, diving deep into its landscape and the 7,000 or so people who call it home. Along with its anthropological approach, the eBook also explores the potpourri of marine life that live

Corona SDK for eBooks: Because education isn’t a Mac-only privilege

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If anyone in our business has been hiding under a rock today, or still recovering from all the SOPA/PIPA news yesterday, or are eagerly anticipating yet another presidential debate in South Carolina, then you probably missed Apple’s announcement about the new iBook Author tool — their foray into creating textbooks and interactive eBooks. While I think that it’s a move which highlights the trend of migrating toward digital books (with today’s move by Apple as the official “trumpet” sound of said migration), I like to think of it as another tool in Apple’s arsenal to keep its iDevices ecosystem one step ahead of the competitors. But in all honesty — of course, I’m extremely biased here — the biggest drawback to Apple’s new book publishing tool

App of the Month (November 2011): Jolly & Roger’s Misguided Adventures

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November was noteworthy in that it saw more non-gaming apps selected as App of the Week than games. Yes, the lone addition to our Hall of Fame Game in the past 30 days was Pirate Island, while Santa Express and the eBooks Trip Harrison Origins and Jolly & Roger’s Misguided Adventures made the non-gamers proud. When it comes to picking a fave out of that pile, I’m gonna have to go with Jolly & Roger. As I mentioned in my previous blogpost about the eBook, Jolly & Roger is yet another clinic by creators Unicorn Labs in building top-notch eBooks. From impeccable artwork, a fun-to-follow storyline, cinematic soundtrack, and even the option to choose whether you want to read the book yourself or have it read to you by the narrator —

App of the Week (November 27, 2011): Jolly & Roger’s Misguided Adventures

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Is it just me, or is the Corona Community on a pirate binge lately? A couple weeks ago, the App of the Week was the ship-navigating Pirate Island. This week, it’s the swashbuckling (are there any good pirate-minded adjectives out there) eBook Jolly & Roger’s Misguided Adventures. It’s worth noting that Jolly & Roger creators Unicorn Labs have now pulled off the first-ever ‘App of the Week’ repeat,  as last week’s Santa Express for Kids Christmas shopping app also was made by them. Not only that, but Team Unicorn also have a heavy track record with eBooks, as their Rabbit & Turtle’s Amazing Race eBook not only was named as yet another ‘App of the Week’ by us,  but also went on to become the #12 top-grossing eBook (that means paid!) on iPad at the time. So,