Corona GeekDuring Monday’s Hangout Ed Maurina showed off a new memory monitoring tool that show realtime information about device memory, display memory, and frame per second while your app is running. The memory meter can be added to your projects with two lines of code and it comes with full documentation. You can download super meter from the Roaming Gamer website. Thanks Ed!

Watch the full Hangout for more geek fun.

Thank you for watching, we’ll see you on next week’s Corona Geek hangout!

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  1. Hello everyone! I wanted to post a few extra links here just in case my site goes down again. (I truly believe my site is psychic, but not in a good way. It knows when someone is writing an article or sharing links about it and promptly crashes.)

    All joking aside, if my site does go down you can always find my stuff here:
    – GumRoad (Roaming Gamer page.):
    – Sellfy (Curses! No unified page.): Search Google: ‘Sellfy Product Name’)

    Also, consider following me on twitter. I occasionally send out product announcements and sale codes: @emaurina (Yes, it’s my personal twitter account, someone else has my company tag on twitter…grumble…grumble…)

    Finally, I want to give a big public thanks to Charles McKeever for the shout out and for having me on the hangouts. Be sure to watch them!

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