Tutorial: Physics Joints Explained — Part 1

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Some developers who use the Box2D-based Corona physics engine struggle with the setup of physical joints which are used to attach two bodies. While the most basic joints are easy to configure, others are more complex and require a very specific setup. This tutorial aims to clarify some of these joints, along with their properties and methods.

Solutions to Common Physics Challenges

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As you already know, Corona includes the powerful Box2D physics engine to give your games the ultimate sense of depth by providing a high-quality, realistic physics simulation — all without you having to know much more than just the “common sense” aspects of physics. Generally, if you know that gravity makes things fall, and understand that heavier objects travel slower than lighter objects when an equal amount of force is applied, then your knowledge of physics is sufficient enough to make a great physics-based game using Corona. Piece of cake right? However, because there are several properties that affect how things behave—things we never really have to think about in the real world—sometimes your in-game physics don’t always behave exactly how you expect them to,