Ad Network vs. Ad Mediation/Exchange: A Breakdown!

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Mobile app monetization is a tremendous space that is growing daily and is expected to reach tens of billions of dollars in coming years. If you are an app developer looking to monetize, it makes sense to go with the most robust and comprehensive solution available. An app monetization exchange, such as inneractive, offers more options, reaching consumers with relevant ads and optimizing for the most relevant content.

Corona SDK for eBooks: Because education isn’t a Mac-only privilege

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If anyone in our business has been hiding under a rock today, or still recovering from all the SOPA/PIPA news yesterday, or are eagerly anticipating yet another presidential debate in South Carolina, then you probably missed Apple’s announcement about the new iBook Author tool — their foray into creating textbooks and interactive eBooks. While I think that it’s a move which highlights the trend of migrating toward digital books (with today’s move by Apple as the official “trumpet” sound of said migration), I like to think of it as another tool in Apple’s arsenal to keep its iDevices ecosystem one step ahead of the competitors. But in all honesty — of course, I’m extremely biased here — the biggest drawback to Apple’s new book publishing tool

Corona SDK college course in Los Angeles!

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Judging by our regular guest blogposts and what-not, it’s should come as no surprise that we love when our users share their vast wealth of knowledge with each other. Especially when some of them are Corona gods in their own right. Crossman Wilkins is said god. You might recognize him as the Grand Prize Winner from our first-ever #CoronaHackathon. Now, Crossman is taking his Corona prowess to the academic arena by teaching a course on mobile app development with Corona at the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Class will be in session starting February 6, so make sure you sign up now if you want in! For more details on the course, click the screenshot below…

Guest Post: कोरोना खुशी है! (Corona is a joy!)

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Across the pond (actually, a couple ponds!) in India, the team at TinyTapps have used Corona to kickstart their own studio specializing in educational and children’s apps. Actually, they might not be just for children — personally, their Hindi-teaching app really makes me wanna take another shot at learning the language… Again. Now, head Tapper Altaf Rehmani shares his story about how they have setup a successful educational app shop without having to set any extra time aside to learn Corona (they just learned it as they went along making their first app!). During the early months of 2011, we were still doing client applications for desktop and web with a couple of products of our own. Having realized that we are very much in

Corona SDK college course

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Given their surely promising future, app development and game design are now being taught at universities and even high schools around the world. And, if you’re in the St. Louis, Missouri area, you can now get first-hand instruction from a bona fide pro! Professional game designer Stu Gisburne is teaching the “Game Development for iPhone, iPad and Android” course at St. Charles Community College starting this July. Even cooler (in case the cross-platform course title didn’t already tip you off), the class will utilize Corona SDK in showing you how to conceive and develop popular mobile games, complete with tips on animation, character movements, and physics. Click the course catalog excerpt below for more details and registration information on the course. Also, feel free to bug

Guest Post: Corona SDK and eBooks, a match made in app heaven!

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Unicorn Labs‘ Mark Sigal talks about the evolution of eBooks, and just how Corona SDK allowed him and his team to create our latest App — err — eBook of the Week, Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race. For more from Mark, you can also check out a past interview and a quick blogpost we’ve done mentioning him and Unicorn Labs. I have written in the past about where I think eBooks are headed (“Rebooting the book”), but the essence is this:  Just as the advent of sound in motion pictures transformed not only how films were made, but also what they were and the economics behind them, such is the future for the book business and print media in general. Yet, the eBook business, as it exists

Math with Mathaliens creator talks Corona-made educational apps

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Bohumil Vosicky of Czech Republic-based 22learn talks to us about the extra challenges that go into creating educational apps for children, and why he thinks Corona is the best for doing so. You can check out Bohumil’s recently launched Math with Mathaliens for iPad in the App Store. First off, can you tell me about your background as a developer? What platforms and languages do you have experience in, and which one do you prefer most? It’s been about twenty years now since my wife and I decided to leave our careers as teachers and shifted our efforts towards the development of educational software. Initially, we primarily focused on software for primary schools and eventually succeeded in building one of the most respected companies in

Ansca at iOS 4.0 Development Training Camp (slides now available)

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Over the weekend, Chia and I headed down to Mountain View to speak at the iOS 4.0 Developer Training Camp, put on by the Silicon Valley iPhone/iPad Business Meetup group. Ansca was also one of the day’s sponsors, and the main topics for my session were iPhone provisioning and App Store submission. The turnout was quite high, and it was a great audience: mostly experienced developers who were new to the iPhone, but all highly engaged by the subject. Apple’s iPhone Provisioning Portal, along with the general problem of setting up your environment and signing certificates, is a notorious trouble spot for new iPhone developers. In fact, a good chunk of our customer support here at Ansca consists of resolving Apple setup issues that technically