Corona feature requests and feedback

Corona feature requests and feedback

I’m excited to announce a new feature request/feedback tool that will help us be more responsive to the needs of Corona developers. To date, our forums have been (and will continue to be) a great place for asking questions about Corona and engaging in discussion. However, they are not the best place to keep track of feature requests and gauging their popularity. We now have a solution that will not only allow us to do this better, but one that will also complement the forums.

If you have a feature request for the Corona Engineering Team, just go to our feedback tool ( and start typing in a description of the feature. You will then have 2 options:

1) If the auto-search function brings up the feature you want, just vote for it (1 to 3 votes)
2) If you are requesting something new, post the new feature (and vote for it)

A short description/comment is useful, especially if it gives us context on how you see yourself using it. But please remember that this tool is not for longer form discussion or for asking questions – our forum is a better place for both these things.

For Corona SDK, you will have 15 votes to allocate across features. So use them wisely! The goal of the tool is to surface the features that are most important to the community, not to vote on everything and anything.

Finally, we plan on adding single sign-on to this tool (so that you can use your existing Corona account) in the future. For now, you will have to enter your email address the first time you add/vote. Don’t worry, your email address won’t be used for any other purpose and you will not receive more emails from us as a result of using the tool.

That’s it – please tell us what you would like to see in Corona! We will monitor the tool and it will play an important role in deciding what makes it into our internal roadmap and how things are prioritized.



  • Robert de Boer
    Posted at 17:04h, 22 January

    This is a nice tool, if it works. I mean creating Mac apps has been promised for over a year ago, and still not there. Does it really matter if we tell you guys again that we want it? Like the level editor? You know what we want. Sorry to be negative, but it just looks like another marketing tool. Making a top 10 list is 1 thing, actually DOING it is a another story. Stll voting for Mac apps, but I don’t expect too see it this year. Let alone Windows apps, currently the #2 in the wishlist.

    • Mark M
      Posted at 04:28h, 24 January

      These things are usually just one slice of the decision process. Probably a “bang for your buck” factor at play also, that the development team has to take into consideration. If there were 10,000 votes for Wonkavision, it doesn’t necessarily mean it makes sense to start working on it because it would consume so many Corona team dev resources to complete that the core product would suffer (as someone else had posted in request posts).

      Completely adopting the Windows AND Mac platforms via “Let me just change this little drop down in the simulator and now my iOS app magically runs on my desktop PC” sounds like a huge undertaking to me.

      Just my noobie opinion.

    • David Rangel
      Posted at 08:20h, 24 January

      Hey Robert. Thanks for the comment – and thanks for using the tool.

      This will be one input into our engineering process and how we prioritize features. If Windows/Mac Apps/other is the most requested item, it doesnt mean that we can just drop everything and do it. And, frankly, it may not make the most sense in terms of timing or long term interest of the platform. Something like Mac/Windows apps especially is a big deal – supporting a new platform cannot be taken lightly. Another factor to consider is that iOS and Android are MUCH bigger platforms today and we believe that supporting those well will bring more value to our developers (at least in the short term) than embarking on supporting a new platform with very small market share.

      Having said that, your point is well taken. We did indeed say that Mac Apps was coming a year ago, and we have not yet delivered it. That was a mistake and we have improved how we communicate what is coming.

      Finally, I guarantee that this new feedback tool is being taken seriously internally and it will definitely impact what we work on. The response so far has been great and I need to spend an hour or two later this week sorting through it for our engineering meeting on Monday.