App of the Week: KungFu Quest – The Jade Tower

This App of the Week will bring back a rush of fond memories for gamers who remember the 1980’s arcade classic Kung Fu Master and Karateka, Jordan Mechner’s martial arts side-scroller. 
KungFu Quest – The Jade Tower, developed by IPlayAllDay Studio, features a multitude of levels, smoothly-animated graphics, and varied garmeplay.

Mobile Development Lesson Learned: Ship Now! (Guest Piece)

Mohamed Bennouf is the Co-Founder of LairdGames, an independent app development studio. As a Corona SDK developer for over two years, Mohamed won App of the Week in February 2013 for his recent game Space Missile Command.

Prior to creating Space Missile Command, Mohamed released five Palm OS games since 2006, including three hard-core flight simulators. Mohamed lives in the Bay Area, works full-time as a field engineer, and makes software to relax.