Corona Geek Composer Library Series Highlights

Recently on Corona Geek, we hosted a series of discussions on Composer that focused on how it is used to manage display objects, manage memory, pass data between scenes and create custom transitions. Here’s a summary of what we covered complete with video clips to help you jump into the parts of the conversation that interest you most.

Corona Geek #128 – Creating Custom Composer Library Transitions

During last week’s Hangout we took a break from our Composer Library series to talk with Corona Ambassador, Jason Schroeder about his Progress Ring module and his Color Picker module. During this week’s Hangout we wrapped up our Composer Library discussion with a look at creating custom Composer Library transitions and we revisited tips for unloading modules with adding sprites into Composer scenes.

Corona Geek #126 – Sharing Data Between Composer Library Scenes

During last week’s Hangout we talked about memory management in Composer library scenes. This week we continued the discussion with a look at three ways to share data between scenes, how to store data long term for access between app uses, and how to add fields to a locally stored settings file without losing the original values in the file.

Corona Geek #124 – Composer Library Scene Management

During this week’s Hangout, Ed Maurina covered how to use the Composer library and scene template to create and manage scenes in our apps. We also discuss the various Composer library events and point out some important concepts to be aware of when working with scenes using the Composer library.