App of the Week: Windsquire

Windsquire is an addicting game that combines skill-based racing and maze-like obstacles. Created by Baltimore-based Mindgrub, the storyline follows a squire who ventures on a quest to amass treasure. When the squire tumbles onto mystic runes, he becomes infused with the ability to fly by controlling the wind. His mission: to find treasure while escaping a ferocious dragon.

App of the Week: Perplexicon

When brainstorming ideas for his latest word game, Justin Giles of Greenrift Software wanted to create a game that challenged the status quo of the genre. Inspired by classics such as Boggle and Scrabble, Justin launched Perplexicon, presenting players with a 7×7 grid sparsely populated with a mix of letter tiles, required tiles, empty spaces, and other elements for novel gameplay.

App of the Week: Mosaika

Joe Kauffman, the founder of Fire Maple Games, has built an incredible brand around his point-and-click adventure games. His puzzle games have propelled him to the top of the charts since the early days of the App Store, with his two major releases, The Secret of Grisly Manor and The Lost City, receiving over 10 million downloads.