App of the Week: Elements of Photography

Learning the functionality of your digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera can be a tricky task — so much so, that many users resort to using their powerful new cameras in “auto” mode. In response to this trend, a group of photography enthusiasts and graduate students created Elements of Photography, an app that helps novice photographers understand the basics of the trade.

App of the Week: Millie’s Crazy Dinosaur Adventure – Millie Was Here, Book 3

Millie’s Crazy Dinosaur Adventure tells the tale of one adorable dog’s journey back in time to the land of dinosaurs. When Millie attends Kitty’s birthday party, she’s embarrassed to realize that she’s forgotten her gift at home. Millie decides to build a simple time machine to go back in time and retrieve the gift, but to her surprise, she travels a little too far back.

App of the Week: Zala and the Treasure Cave

When a group of friends discover a secret treasure map, they need your help to decipher the map and embark on an adventure through the African savanna.
Created for children ages 4-6, Zala and the Treasure Cave captivates children’s senses — from touch to sound to sight — through vibrant illustrations and engaging elements to pull kids into the story.

App of the Week: Little Galaxy

Bitmap Galaxy, a small studio based in Slovakia, had a vision to create an “endless” game with a simple one-touch control and intuitive design — a game that could be easily learned and played for hours.
From this, Little Galaxy was born: an arcade game set in space, featuring a small boy that jumps from planet to planet in search of a new home.

App of the Week: KungFu Quest – The Jade Tower

This App of the Week will bring back a rush of fond memories for gamers who remember the 1980’s arcade classic Kung Fu Master and Karateka, Jordan Mechner’s martial arts side-scroller. 
KungFu Quest – The Jade Tower, developed by IPlayAllDay Studio, features a multitude of levels, smoothly-animated graphics, and varied garmeplay.

App of the Week: Just 2 Words

For fans of Word Winder, a 2012 App of the Week, we’re excited to share a brand new word puzzle game from creator David L. Hoyt! David is well-known for his nationally syndicated puzzle games and brain teasers including USA Today’s Up & Down Words, Jumble Crosswords, and TV Jumble and has recently released Just 2 Words, a mobile game for iOS and Android.