Category: Mobile App of the Week

App of the Week: Just 2 Words

For fans of Word Winder, a 2012 App of the Week, we’re excited to share a brand new word puzzle game from creator David L. Hoyt! David is well-known for his nationally syndicated puzzle games and brain teasers including USA Today’s Up & Down Words, Jumble Crosswords, and TV Jumble and has recently released Just 2 Words, a mobile game for iOS and Android.


App of the Week: Foresee

Foresee, by Borderleap, helps you plan your outdoor activities by intelligently comparing weather data with your preferred conditions.

It is also a beautiful app that shows the power of Corona for utilities and business apps. Just launched, it has already hit the #3 paid Productivity app spot!


App of the Week: Hungry Oni

Hungry Oni is the work of a British ex-Lionhead Studios game designer, Andrzej Zamoyski, and an Indonesian artist/illustrator, Ferdi Trihadi. The game features bold graphics, spunky audio and amusing gameplay and was even graced with a ‘New and Noteworthy’ feature in the App Store.


App of the Week: MixUp DressUp

MixUp DressUp brings a favorite children’s pastime – doll dress-ups and fashion shows – to mobile, allowing children to create stylish outfits and characters with the swipe of a finger. Available on the App Store, the endless possibilities for customization in MixUp DressUp makes for a super fun dress-up experience.


App of the Week: Tomb Breaker

This week’s App of the Week – Tomb Breaker – is a brand new puzzle game that was built with Corona SDK and recently graced with a ‘New and Noteworthy’ recognition on Apple’s App Store. A year in the making, Tomb Breaker was developed by Kurt Bieg, the designer behind Simple Machine, with art by Victor Soto.