App of the Week: Plasma Pig

App of the Week: Plasma Pig

Plasma Pig iconWhen Pigsley, the cartoony pig, is transported to Planet Lardo, he’s in real danger. The planet is run by an evil overlord that would love nothing more than to turn Pigsley into a delicious pile of bacon. In Plasma Pig, your job is to deliver Pigsley back to earth in one piece. Can you guide Pigsley to safety in this entertaining cross-platform space puzzler?

Plasma Pig screenshotTo save Pigsley you must create ramps that direct Pigsley towards a portal in each level. By dragging your fingers along the screen, you can create a path for Pigsley to slide down, while collecting stars that are scattered along the way.

The game features 5 worlds and 100 levels that will keep physics fans entertained for hours. To witness Pigsley take flight and to help him maneuver his way through orbit, download this cross-platform game to your device.


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