Zen Sand iconPolygon Play, a one-man studio based in Finland, Zen Sand is the studio’s latest game for iOS.

Zen Sand screenshotThe objective of the game is simple: as hundreds of grains of sand fall down the screen, you must guide them into beautiful Japanese porcelain vases. Each vase displays a number that signifies the number of grains necessary to fill the vase to the brim.

To guide the grains towards their destination, you must draw bamboo stalks by dragging your finger across the screen. The grains respond to the effects of gravity, wind, and collision so planning and foresight are essential to success. The less bamboo sticks you use, the more pearls you will earn which can later be used to unlock solutions to difficult levels. As you advance in the game, you’ll be challenged to fill vases with colored sand after it has been sifted through a colored Japanese lantern – the toughest element of the game.

Part of what makes Zen Sand so peaceful is that each level is inspired by a season of the year that’s illustrated with lovely graphics and calming music. I especially enjoyed the words of wisdom from the Zen Master that were displayed at the completion of each level.

To experience the serenity of Zen Sand, download the game from

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