Comic Book Hero - Magic Line Rider GameComic Book Hero – Magic Line Rider Game is the newest release from DazzleCube Mobile Games, a Denmark-based studio. The impressive storybook-style artwork in Comic Book Hero instantly caught our eye and the challenging gameplay was icing on the cake.

Comic Book Hero – Magic Line Rider Game asks players to draw lines across the screen to help a bouncy squirel collect his coveted acorns. To create a line, you simply drag your finger across the screen and swoop up acorns as the squirrel slides down the line. If you can get every last morsel and clear all the acorns on the screen, you’ll get extra stars at the end of the level. Ultimately, after filling his belly, the squirrel will need to land in a small treehouse opening in game.

Comic Book Hero - Magic Line Rider Game screenshot 2

While the first couple levels are a breeze, the game becomes tricky fairly fast. It becomes more challenging to gather all the acorns on your journey to the treehouse, and at times, you need to create more than one line to complete the level. To get the hang of this physics-based game, you need to dedicate a bit of time and practice making lines that have just the right amount of dip and curve.

For a fun challenge after the long weekend, head to iTunes to download Comic Book Hero – Magic Line Rider Game for free.

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