Found: The Most Interesting Developers in the Universe!

Found: The Most Interesting Developers in the Universe!

I don't always code...On April 1, Walter announced a new initiative here at Corona Labs. We were on the hunt for the most interesting developer in the universe. As the applications poured in, we discovered not just one, but three, fascinating developers in the Corona-sphere!

One such developer, Jason Schroeder, was onto us. He wrote in:

“I knew that this was an April Fool’s Day joke but I am submitting anyways, because I’m so darn interesting that I will turn your joke into a real contest through the sheer magnitude of my interestingness.”

Ok, so not everyone was fooled, but we’d still like to share a few of our favorite submissions. We were equally impressed by Daniel Williams’ entry:

“I’m the digital Chuck Norris. When I start to code, the keys type themselves.”

Lastly, we can’t forget about Raphael Salgado who shared a whole five dazzling reasons (we’re especially fond of #4).

  • PocketGamer and Touch Arcade pay me when they write front-page reviews of my games.
  • Apple emails me a “Ready for Sale” notification, before I’ve even uploaded the binary.
  • My app unfragments the entire Android ecosystem.
  • All the app stores give me a 30% cut of their 30% cut.
  • My video game trailers are directed by Steven Spielberg and James Cameron.

Based on the submissions, we see that we have a number of impressive friends in the Corona community! We’ll be awarding the top three submissions (those listed above) with a 3 month Corona SDK Pro license. For all who entered, we’ll be adding an extra free month to your Corona subscription as well.

Thanks to those of you who played along and shared your creativity with us!

  • Jason Schroeder
    Posted at 16:07h, 10 April

    Whoa! Thanks for the honor (and the 3 month extension!). It’s not every day you get to share the stage with Digital Chuck Norris. Booyah!

  • Daniel Williams
    Posted at 18:50h, 10 April

    Thank you for the recognition!

    When the digital Chuck Norris submits an app, the app store reviewers weep with joy.

  • Andreas
    Posted at 00:18h, 11 April

    I did not enter the contest because everybody already knows about my brilliant work. Do I still get the 3 extra free month?

    In my case it should be 6 extra free month.

    Yes, this is true, I can even edit blog comments.

  • Raphael Salgado
    Posted at 05:14h, 11 April

    Glad to be in the league with all the other most interesting developers in the universe, and thanks for the extension! I’m glad it was properly translated to English for the rest of the audience, since my original statements were so awesomely written in Lua.