logo_lrg_blkWe’re happy to announce that PlayHaven is our latest Corona Plugin partner! As a Corona developer, you can now integrate PlayHaven’s acquisition, engagement and monetization tools into your Corona-built games.

About PlayHaven’s services
PlayHaven is the business engine for mobile games offering developers flexible tools to intelligently manage player acquisition, engagement, and monetization. PlayHaven provides the only end-to-end solution that helps developers manage users at every valuable point in their lifecycle.

PlayHaven is available for iOS and Android games – solutions include:

  • PlayHaven Acquire: power successful app launches and continuously drives high quality users into your game.
  • PlayHaven Engage: create and deliver targeted, personalized messages in and out of the game that keep users engaged in your app.
  • PlayHaven Monetize: grow revenue by creating and deploying in-app purchase promotions and relevant ads to targeted user segments.

Accessing the PlayHaven Plugin
You can integrate the PlayHaven plugin by adding a few lines of code to your build settings file. For information on integrating PlayHaven into your Corona-powered games, please see the plugin documentation.

More on Corona Plugins
Corona Plugins offer Corona developers access to popular third party tools and services. Announced in mid-May, plugin partners include SponsorPay, Fortumo, Photon Cloud, Green Throttle, Inneractive, Fortumo, Carrot, Tap for Tap and many more!

Visit the Corona Plugin Directory for a complete list of plugins. We’ll be rolling out support for more plugins soon, so check back for updates.

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  1. This is really great news, thank you a lot for this!
    Could you please tell which minimum build number should be used together with this plugin?
    In documentation mentioned build number 2013.1202, but I’ve tried with my current one 2013.1197 and it is also working. It is Ok to use it with the older build also?


    • Ed – you will probably be fine with #1197. The number in the docs is just the last number that testing was done with, so it will work for sure. But most of the time it will be backward compatible (unless it somehow uses somehting that was not previously available).

  2. Just added play haven into an app and it works great on iOS and most of my Android hardware. However on my HTC Desire S it throws up this error when I call init – java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError any ideas?

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