Corona Ambassador Accomplishments – September 2013

Corona Ambassador Accomplishments – September 2013

Without a doubt, Corona Labs has the best group of Ambassadors anyone could hope for! We’re extremely proud of our Ambassadors’ hard work in building a stronger, more fruitful Corona community around the globe.

We wanted to share just a few of the amazing things our Ambassadors have accomplished in the month of September.

Flag of India

Bangalore, India: Altaf Rehmani spoke at the Silicon India Mobile Conference in a session called: ‘Cross-Platform Game Development in Under 45 Minutes.’ Altraf showed a hands-on live runner game created in just under an hour to an audience of mobile enthusiasts, engineers and entrepreneurs.

Russian flag

Russia: Badim Starygin started a new learning group that teaches students to develop mobile games using Corona SDK. Badim also released Royal Offense, a beautiful RPG that’s available on nearly every platform. His game was featured on the Amazon EU store and the game includes a few tricks for optimizing memory, coding awesome arrows, and a GUI that fits all devices.

Germany flag

Berlin, Germany: In early September, David Roulin presented at Android Livecode and demoed a creative side-scroller game built with Corona SDK. Watch the video replay of his presentation.

Brazil flag

Brazil: Luciano Vieira Lima is celebrating his second year as a Corona Ambassador. His team created educational materials for programming languages and Luciano teaches development at universities throughout Brazil. His Portuguese language textbook Corona SDK – Arte Computacional: Animação em Spritesheets Utilizando Corona SDK (Computer Art: Animation Spriteheets using Corona SDK), is currently being translated to English. His training books can be found on the Kindle Editora website and on Amazon.

USA Flag

Pennsylvania, US: Greg Pugh of GP Animations has been beta testing the new version of Kwik and designing a unique Corona-powered app that displays reference information for doctors and nurses.

USA Flag

Boston, US: Jennifer Looper had a very busy month! She represented Corona Labs at the Boston Festival of Indie Games, where she mobilized the Boston meetup group to staff the table and evangelize the platform. Read her recap of the event on Ladeez First Media.

Jen also participated in Hack-Fit, a hackathon dedicated to creating fitness-oriented software. Her team created, and hopes to release the app soon. Check out Jen’s pictures from the event.

USA Flag

Washington DC: Theo Rushin, Jr. hosted Washington DC’s inaugural Corona Meetup and the group is already planned their next event for October. Earlier this year, VISA also chose Theo’s mobile development team to present the app they created during the NYC TechCrunch Hackathon. Theo and his team presented their work at the VISA Security Summit on October 2, 2013.

Thanks again for your stellar work, Corona Ambassadors! To connect with an Ambassador in your local area, please check out our Meetup groups and event calendar.

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