Code Exchange iconOur Code Exchange has always been a great resource for the Corona community. But it was created years ago and it was really showing its age. So we’ve gone ahead and made a completely new version. Please check it out at!

You will notice that each entry has full commenting and voting built in. You can filter entries by popularity or recency and you can search based on full text, category or tags.

When making a contribution, we strongly recommend that the code be entered into a repo, using an online tool like Gist, Github or Bitbucket. The easiest to use and lightest-weight is Gist, and those repos can be easily embedded into the contribution if you enter the Gist’s id in the submission form. Using a repo will make it easier for people to use your code and will make it easier for you to keep the code up to date if necessary. Opening an account on any of these services is easy and quick.

Finally, we have taken just a few of the entries in the old Code Exchange and used them to seed the new Exchange. We are not automatically migrating all old entries because there was also a lot of code there that was out of date. We think it’s a better idea to start fresh, and we expect that over the next few weeks more code will be migrated over by the original authors. You can still browse the old exchange, but no more submissions will be allowed.

Last but not least, we want to thank all the developers that have contributed in the past and will contribute code in the future. It’s things like this that make the Corona community great and make it easy for people to get up to speed with Corona very quickly. Thank you!

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  1. Can you please include the date that the code was added to your site so we can get an idea of how long the code has been there? Also, would be nice to know which version of Corona the code works with. Could that be an added step in the process to submit new code?

    Looks great

    • Byron – both good ideas. We actually added the time stamp yesterday already. It is near the bottom. An optional field specifying a build number is probably a good idea. We’ll think about adding that soon…

  2. Adding the time stamp to the main code list would be ideal so that we can see the date at a glance rather than having to open each link… just a thought. Thanks again

  3. How about adding paging. I click find code and I should be able to start from page one and just keep paging through looking at and reviewing code. I should not have to keep selecting categories.

    Please add paging

    • Larry – If you click on Find Code right now you see a complete listing in one page and just scroll down. Optionally you can then narrow by category or tag. Isn’t that better?

  4. When the new code exchange was launched the old code exchange was still available though an alternate link. Seems like that link is no longer functional. Does anyone know how to reach the old exchange?

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