We have an update on the analytics we provide to our developers when you publish a Corona-made app (and for which there has always been an option to opt-out). These analytics have been provided by a partner for the last year.

Unfortunately, due to some recent changes with our partner’s backend, we will have to take the analytics down while we look at other options. This means that data will stop being updated on June 23, and the dashboard itself will become unavailable on June 30. We know some of you use these analytics and we apologize for the inconvenience. It is our intention to have a replacement at some point in the future, but we currently do not have a timeline for this.

In the meantime, we have made some changes to give you a good alternative. Up until now, the Flurry plugin was only available to Pro subscribers. However, starting today, it is now available to all tiers, including Starter and Basic. You can integrate this plugin into your games and apps and will be able to get the same info (and more) that we have been providing.

You can ask any questions relating to this plugin in our forum. Thank you!

EDIT: Until the next public release build, Starter and Basic will see a warning in the Corona simulator when building with this plugin. However, you can ignore it – your apps will build with the plugin just fine.

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  1. There are already plugins available (Flurry and GameAnalytics).
    Why not just provide both for all subscriber tiers and let the developers decide which one to use?

      • David,

        Its an old(er) build… Was just inquiring as to what build would be good. I’m assuming that 2189 would be alright for this. I’m still using 1202, Levelhelper is handy, but in the end its created too many problems with android thats made it so I have too use the old build. I’m gonna use Tiled for the next idea or make my own solution…… then I won’t ask anymore stupid questions.. hopefully…


  2. Still seeing this message: “You will not be able to publish this app to the store because it uses a restricted library (analytics). Please upgrade to unlock it.”

    Good to ignore it?

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